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    I am quitting India Study Channel

    Dear Editors and members,
    You all are aware that after my husband's demise I connected with ISC with a good that I would be welcomed by you all.

    I regret to inform you that unknowingly i committed a mistake by clicking some link and my problems started. Also,I felt I was being sidelined by the Editors .
    After I lost my phone and data I was unable to recover my old account which I treasured much. It is not the question of money but recognition and satisfaction that somebody has been appreciating my efforts to build my creativity and some members who do not even know me acknowledged my English writing skills.

    Under my new name Niharika ,I was not allowed to take part in Group discussions,could not participate in Story writing competitions,stopped from posting in Learn English section which I felt was highly humiliating.Today,my article was rejected because it was of poor quality.
    What is the point in continuing after having undergone so much. Better quit than continue this is what I have decided.

    I wish all the members a great success in their future endevour.
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    Niharika cool down. We can understand your problem and the editors are already posted of your happenings in the past. There was suggestions as to how to retrieve your old account and you have been given tutorial also. I have even suggested that you can contact the members or the editorial team or even webmaster through the social media and get your problem solved. But quitting is not the right choice chosen under this circumstances. You have good knowledge and command over the subjects and ISC would love to have member like you. At least this thread must be taken as the helping page for her and the right editor may contact her and solve the problem. Since the issue is genuine and ISC needs the old members the editorial team should come forward and help her forthwith without further delay.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You said you have good English writing skills and from your thread, I can see you are good at writing. It's surprising how your article got rejected. It may be because of the contents. You might have put enough content in the article.

    I don't think there would be any loss of the site if you leave it. It's your loss as you would lose an opportunity to earn some extra money from the site.

    You should wait and see what the editors say about your queries. Don't leave the site till then.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Quitting is not a solution to any problem, rather finding a solution is what everyone should do. There is basically no point to lament over your old account because in some cases, for some unknown technical reasons some problems cannot be resolved. In such cases, starting anew is the best way as you have done by creating a new account. If you lose a treasured item would you keep on crying for that? It will not help you internally and may make you depressed. When you are unable to access many sections from your new account ask for help from the webmasters about this specific issue and I am sure the problem will be resolved.

    There is no need to think that you are sidelined because everyone is busy with their own works, personal and professional and no one is going to give extra care or attention to the other person unless the person requires it. You are a good contributor and as you have a good command just keep on posting. Don't wait for recognition or lament for not being able to retrieve your old account. Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar all of them were great players and also scored ducks in the games. Poor quality doesn't necessarily mean the quality of your English is bad, it can also mean the content is of not much value for this site to grow and earn traffic. Take the help of the Editors to find out why the article was rejected. Everyone can be wrong and correcting it is the best option.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I think you are in a hurry. When we are in frustration, we feel like that. You are a knowledgeable person and nobody needs to tell you anything. Sometimes rejections may happen. That is all in the game. Even a movie of a great director will be a failure at the box office. Failures are the steps for success. So continue your work and you will be successful definitely. Problems will come in life somewhere or other. We have to face them and try our level best to come out successfully. Editors might have informed you about the reasons for the rejection of your article. You can rectify those issues in your future articles so that your articles will get accepted.
    However, your decision is final. But don't take any decision in a hurry and regret it later. I wish you all the best in your further activities. Take a break for some time, cool down and let the dust settle down. Then think and if you feel like you can make a come back.

    always confident

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    This is definitely a technical problem and only the webmaster or the system manager or the software expert of the ISC site can give some solution for it. Lost username, password, and profile settings are the things that require special expertise and sometimes due to security reasons even the software expert would not be able to retrieve them.
    What I will suggest is wait for some time and see if the problem is resolved by the site experts in this portal.
    Quitting should be the last resort. Patience is the key to survival in today's tough and competitive environment. I hope that the problem would be resolved soon.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Niharika, if you feel humiliated and unhappy with India Study Channel, you better quit the channel. I wish you a happy journey in whichever blogging site you join.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Neeharika, it would not be better to take a decision hurriedly. What I feel that as far your style of expression in English is concerned, it is itself superb and no flaw is seen in respect of grammatical errors or otherwise. You may discuss this with the panel of editors to resolve the drawbacks that they might have observed in your articles. Unless you know their opinions, your relinquishing with ISC portal would prove to a total loss for both of us - yourself and other members. I think you would not like it either. You wait a little bit so that the present turbulence is resolved in your favour.

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    Radha, it is quite unfortunate. The decision to quit is entirely yours and I won't question the same. But, to put the blame on editors is not fair. I can give links to any number of threads where the editors and our esteemed members have spared their time and put in efforts to guide you in different situations.

    Let me place it on record that you did not take the steps as advised. On the one hand, you had been claiming to be technically and academically qualified but on the other, you did exhibit traits of being indifferent to suggestions. That is not done.

    We have been patiently responding to your different threads about changing the profile name and all such stuff but you did not seem to be positively receptive at all.

    And regarding the rejection of your article, learn to take it in stride. I am sure that your article is not up to the mark and has been rejected. Please note that editors go by the rules of the site and there is no love lost whatsoever.

    A bit of advice- Stop cheating yourself.

    Anyways, the final decision is yours. All the best!

    'Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.' -Zig Ziglar

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    Let's see the correct perspective. Did anyone really stop you from participating in the GD or story contest? On the contrary, you were clearly instructed that you could submit an entry under the new account and refer to your response #747836 in the contest thread. Same with the GD - nobody said that you could not participate.

    Secondly, you claim that you were stopped from posting in Learn English section. Did you read the response #749200 in this thread?

    Finally, regarding the article that you submitted on walking down memory lane- did you read the reason given for the rejection? You only saw the opening statement of "The status of this resource is Rejected due to poor quality content or violation of our content policies." which is an automated text that appears for every rejected content. The editor will put the specific reason below that. The reason put therein clearly states, "This can be put up for forum discussion, and not as an article. Articles should be related to education and academics only. Go through the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum for the new policies and guidelines. Do not submit articles without reading the guidelines. You cannot resubmit this resource."

    Let me ask you again - have you systematically gone through every red-pinned thread at the top of the forum? All those have important notifications that every member should know about, whether old or new.

    Far from being sidelined and humiliated, as Saji rightly pointed out, not only editors but other members, too, have been patiently explaining and guiding you because we do care about each member learning things the right way so that they can contribute and earn. It is sad and upsetting that you blame the editing team.

    I am asking you again- do you know the Gmail ID associated with your old account? As I told you earlier, you will get the reset password facility only at that ID.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Dear Saji Ganesh and Vandana,
    Thank you for responding to my post.
    I would like to clarify as to why I have taken the decision to come out of ISC.
    Firstly, I could not access my old account how much ever you all tried to help me out. I followed all your instructions to a T but still was unable to do so. Something was terribly wrong and I could not figure out why. I also took the help of two of my students who are soft ware professionals, They also tried and told me that only ISC could do it from their end.
    You might know by now that I always like to get connected with anything related to English language which would help me to hone my skills and ISC was the right place for me to get involved in. After my husband's demise I was very happy to reconnect with you and had been posting as usual.My problems started when I lost my account and had to open a new account.
    From Bronze level to Silver level I was able to reach very fast. I could not participate in any contests because when I tried to post I got the instruction that members of those level could not participate until they reach Gold.. ( I still do not know if there is any confusion from my end) To reach the level of Gold level I should reach 1000 and I feel it is going to be a herculean task.I wanted to refer two of my contacts to ISC and they could not open through the link to my page. Further,I was not permitted to send any personal messages to any of the Editors.I was also directed to raise the issue in the open Forum section. When I was discussing the issue with the members and Editors, the thread was locked. Anyhow , there was too much of chaos and I was overwhelmed with the way things were going on. That is when I planned to quit.
    I know you people were trying to help me out from your end and still I could not do anything. I am still interested in getting back my old account.
    I still have my old Email id with which I had registered with ISC. As a last resort,I would try to open it( I have not used it for many years).
    I would like to thank all the members who had responded to my post and had advised me against leaving ISC. It is still not my intention to quit as I want to be an active member. I can wait patiently till I get back my old account.
    I am sorry if I had caused trouble to the Editors as I know they are impartial. I am sorry for using the word 'sidelined' You would understand after being with ISC for 4 years and getting awards and recognition how painful it is to go back to become a raw member and start from scratch.
    Even I want to open Google Adsense account which was functioning before with my old account.

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    After posting this, i tried to post something in Learn English Section and there was a big red into mark in the page with the written remark that I could not post in this section because I had violated a rule of ISC.
    Could this be rectified?

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    Being a new member again and starting from begging is very boredom as you already completed great innings as old member. You need not quit as the registration always stands valid.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Niharika: (Radha Muralidhar as former user name),

    It is human to be victims of emotion. It is all the more so when one becomes helpless and tied up without a way out.
    You are now in such a state. But every problem has a solution. To se the solution we have to wok with an emotion free mind- in a rational and logical based way of thinking.

    From what the ME and Lead Editor and other senior members have explained, there is nothing to believe that you are being discriminated upon. An affected person's mind tends to think in a way accumulating and gathering all separate events and chronicle it to a sob story and feel self victimized. A person of your experience has to come out from that immediately.

    I suggest you once again calmly and patiently try to work with focus on the steps suggested by ME and others. It may work and the mystery box may open again.

    Even otherwise also don't lose heart. It may take a little more effort to reach Gold level. From then it will be more comfortable and your issues and handicaps would get solved. After all your earlier contributions are there in ISC archives. If at all you are not successful in retrieving and getting back into your old username account, you can give a link to your articles etc. in your new profile. If you are not able to do then ME /WMs/Editors may be able to do so.

    For members who are new and who do not know about Niharika,
    she joined ISC in June 2010. I am giving link to her now lost earlier user profile in the name Radha Muralidhar. Radha Muralidhar

    I am also giving link to a 2011Editors' Special Award for Radha Muralidhar just to make members aware the genuine feelings the member now undergoes and not to misunderstand her.

    I also request Niharika(Radha Muralidhar) to continue with ISC and continue with her contributions whatever be the user name. The site has undergone many changes and naturally for a person who joins after some gap it may be a bit difficult to synchronise. And your earlier profile shows that you had last logged in on 24 Nov 2021. That is not too long. Try to recap the relevant email id etc. to enable WM/Editorial team to help you.

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    Mohan and Venkateshwaran ,
    I am really honoured by the way you are trying to help me come out of the present crisis.
    To thank you for your support and for Vandana and Saji Ganesh ,I have decided to continue posting in Forum Section .
    Mr. Venkateshwaran ,
    A special thanks to you for explaining to other members about my achievements.

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    Now, that is what I would call a mature and prudent decision. Hop on and enjoy the journey here.
    'Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.' -Zig Ziglar

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