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    Lies need to be remembered but not the truth.

    Lies.lies.lies. Lies are the thing with which we live since childhood. Most of the lies are harmless and told to just save the situation at that particular moment. Some lies are harmful. One must be careful as such lies cause harm. At times lies are useful in averting an unhappy situation. One thing is for sure is that we have to remember the lies we tell. If we forget the lie uttered, there is every chance that we may be caught.

    In the case of truth, there is no need to remember what we said. Since the truth is told, we will be telling the same whenever we repeat it. Telling lies and making others believe it is very difficult. A lot of things need to be remembered while lying. In the case of truth, there is nothing to be remembered. It is always good, to tell the truth only but at times telling a lie may save the situation.
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    Yes, I agree with it we need to remember what lies we spoke. Usually, happens we forget and face a problem because for hiding it we have to speak lots of lies whereas when we speak the truth we don't need to remember it because we don't need further lies to shield it.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    It is said that once we tell a lie then to cover it we might have to tell so many lies later on. When people start to dig and also start to ask questions on our lies then such a situation can arise. So a liar has to be very much careful and consistent in making lies, still there are ample chances that one will be caught sooner or later.
    Some people pick up the habit of making lies since their childhood and and they become quite an expert in that and start telling lies even at a place or situation where it is not at all required. Telling lies is in a bad taste because it affects your reputation and people start doubting even the true statements which you might make occasionally. It will be a better strategy to tell the truth and avoid telling lies in our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Truth is unique and it will be only one. But lies are not unique. There may be many lies. So we should be careful and remember what we said. And the same is to be repeated always. Sometimes we will forget what we said. We may say a different reason and the other person may remember what we said and he will immediately catch us and say that we are bluffing.
    As mentioned by the author, telling lies has become very common these days and we may not be worried much about the lies uttered by others as long as we are not getting hurt or no harm to us. But sometimes we may have to counter the other person if he is telling lies that are harming us.
    Sometimes we will be in a situation where we can't tell the truth and at the same time we may not be able to say any lie also. Managing such a situation is very difficult and we may maintain silence without telling either yes or no to the other person.

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    Truthfulness is speaking the truth, staying with the truth, and accepting the truth instead of lies. Truth liberates people, while falsehood creates various kinds of problems, including confusion. Truthfulness is not only in the religious life of a person but also in the personal life, the family environment, the social environment; Even in the international arena, it helps one to be known as a good person. Everyone loves a truthful person, whether he is a Hindu or a follower of another religion or black or white. Be it a member of a higher caste or a common caste. Truthfulness is considered the first and foremost quality in developing an enlightened human being. we all must speak the truth, stand for the truth and be the companions of the truthful. Truthfulness helps every human being to live peacefully and hassle-free in every aspect of his life.
    Because truthfulness shows the path of virtue and virtue leads to the path of paradise, a person always keeps telling the truth and becomes a fan of truthfulness, but truthfulness is leaving our life slowly. The number of truthful people is decreasing day by day. We are abandoning the truth for even the slightest reason. we are accepting lies and unknowingly listing ourselves as hellish people. Lying not only causes anxiety but also makes liars feel weak. Because the one who takes refuge in lies always has to be afraid when his lies are revealed. So we all need to stop lying and be truthful. The author is correct.

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    Very nice thread from the author. When we are the habitual truth teller, then nothing to worry as the words and statements what we make would be true to all and there cannot be amendments or changes. But when we take the help of lies, we have to be guarded, make moves according to the situation and people and in fact we have to maintain a detailed diary of events that took place because of our lies telling and that need to be followed. But our memory is short lived and the way keep on piling up one lie to safe guard the first lie, the opposite person would certainly get the doubts and keep toe on how to expose us. But unfortunately our lie habits legacy is also passed on to the children and they do the examples on us and try to tell best possible lie and we believe because they are our children and would not bluff.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, you may also need a notebook to record the lies with the date and time so do remember to note it down somewhere when required. Funny things can happen too while telling some lies. Once a friend was supposed to come to my place and when he didn't arrive I called him. He said he is not well. On the same day, I talked to another friend and during our discussion, there was a mention of the friend who was supposed to visit me that day. I got to know that friend said to this guy that one of his family members is ill and he is not at home. Later in the evening, he called me up to enquire about a specific issue and when I asked him where he is he told me he is at a different place and seriously looking for a solution to the issue. I reminded him that he told me he is ill in the morning to cancel his visit and he felt ashamed.

    That's what happens when you tell a lie. You need to remember what you said and also to whom you said that.


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