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    Can you go out in the market in ordinary clothes

    Whenever people go out of their houses especially to the market or the town or just for roaming then they wear some good dress as per their status and choice. Generally the first impression we get about a person is from his dress only. How well he is dressed? Whether his clothes are ironed or not? Is he wearing graceful dress or colourful one?
    Have you ever gone out from the house in some ordinary dress or un ironed clothes? Is there any problem in doing so? What do you think?
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    Many times I do that. I will go to the nearby marketplace by walking with lungi and T-shirt that I wear when I am in my house. Only when I go to a bank or any organisation on some work I go for formal dress. I am not very particular about the dress. But when I go with my wife or children, I wear pants and a shirt. Otherwise, they will not accept. They say going with an unironed dress may not look good. So I wear a formal dress and go with them.
    When we attend some functions we see that we wear a suitable dress so that we will not become an oddman out in the gathering. My habit is to wear a good dress for such occasions. My wife will be the decision-maker. She will decide what dress I should wear when I attend a function and I will go by her decision. These days we rarely go out and attending functions are also uncommon these days. That is why my wardrobe is always full of ironed m.dresses and there is no chance to use them

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    I am going anywhere in the casual dress only. Only while going to office and parties I wear pants with tucked in full sleeves shirt. For market or other nearby area shopping only in Dhothi and T shirt/shirt only. When going to bank/ATM, shopping in some distance area, I used to wear pants and Tshirt. More over in this work from home period all my dresses are kept in almirah sleeping. But whenever I am going out, nowadays, taking a cloth bag with me always, as practiced by my paternal uncle at Madurai.

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    Just cannot understand what is the motive of the author in raising this question. For that matter the youths of present day are roaming outside with half pant and they are even traveling with half pants on and they forgotten to wear the traditional pants. They do go to the malls, they make big purchases and the wear scanty dress and yet make fashion statement of their own and the shop owners or mall shopping owners would welcome them and show the varieties and convince them to buy. What it proves that there is no dress sense required but the right customers to purchase the right things. But when I am going for the street shop next lane to home, I go by traditional dhoti and t shirt which I wear at the home, and if need to go out I wear jeans pant and shirt and move about. This is what everyone is doing.
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    Whatever dress I wear at my household say shirt and Paijama, the same is used while going to nearby market to fetch some vegetables. In that case, I am not alone wearing such homely dresses. Even I can see my friends wearing such type of dresses when I meet them very often outside my premises. However my wife is very particular in case I go outside such as a bank or visiting my relatives living far away from my residence. My wife knows that I am always comfortable with the outfits I wear.
    Since she is a good decision maker for deciding which dress should be worn while going to some important place. I always take care of her choice in such activities. However this time the situation is different and we are unable to move somewhere else due to the current pandemic phase. Hope this phase will be over soon and we all have the pleasant timings meeting our dearest ones.

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    Unless I am going out to my workplace, I do not wear formal dresses let alone ironed ones. I always prefer casuals when going to market or roaming in the locality and I don't think anybody questioned me for that as many others are also doing the same thing. The thing is to wear clean clothes and not ones that look shabby. It also depends on the habit of the person as to what kind of dresses to wear on various occasions. There are a few people who always maintain a dress code whenever they go out and you will hardly find them in casuals. I found such people earning a good reputation of being a well-dressed person all the time. It looks good when you always wear ironed formal wear though it's a matter of personal choice depending on the occasion.

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    I am also going to nearby market in the casual dress and do not feel shy in doing that. Only when I am going to some company office or something of that sort then only I will wear a formal dress.
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    Yes, some people change their dress when they go out of their home even for a small task.

    My wife is like that she changes her clothes and wears something good to go out of the home whereas I don't I wear the same dress when I go out to market.

    My wife even forces me to change the clothes as she doesn't like me going out with her in casual dress but usually, I don't do.


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