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    Do you believe that our freedom is completely dependent?

    We are citizens of an independent country, hence we have the right to do, or not to do, or do things reversely. Because Freedom is unrestricted, free, and liberated. But in reality, we can't walk in the middle of the road thinking that others' freedom of movement will be violated.
    We can't sing loudly anywhere as someone else's freedom will be curtailed.
    We can't restrict the freedom of pedestrians to walk freely while standing on the sidewalk.
    So you can't play the loudspeaker whenever you want for others.
    Refrain from saying anything to anyone whenever you want because their freedom will be curtailed.
    Probably none of what has been done so far is in conflict with the true meaning of the word "freedom." All this is our arbitrariness in the name of individual freedom.
    I think freedom is a golden shackle. Which binds us all around in consciousness, feeling, prudence, responsibility, wisdom. Simply put, all your freedoms are completely subordinate or dependent.
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    As long as others are not bothered or affected we can exercise the freedom fully and there is no stopping to it. The other day I saw a young boy parked his vehicle at the empty railway station and switched on the loud speakers in the car and started dance practice, probably he is going to given audition. He may not do it in the house due to lack of cooperation or opposition in the house, and the sound decibels from the song is too high to which the neighbors may object. He choose the station ground because, the trains are less, no passengers moment and those who are doing walking are scarce. So how to get freedom on what to be done is the subject matter of our own and we have to decide according to the place, demand and day. There cannot be same yardstick apply to each freedom we want to enjoy.
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    We have freedom. But our freedom should not allow us to trespass into others freedom. You can live the way you wanted as long as you or your behaviour is not creating problems for society and nature. You may be the owner of your house but you are not supposed to put it on fire as you are having freedom. The fire may extend to the neighbouring house and may spoil the environment.
    To have an orderly life, certain rules and regulations are implemented by the government. As a citizen, we have to respect them and follow them. Then only the life on this earth will move in an orderly manner. Otherwise, there will be chaos everywhere and there may be many disturbances in society. You should respect the freedom of others and they should also respect your freedom. Then only the system will have a smooth run. As mentioned by the author our freedom is not unconditional. There are many guiding factors for our freedom.

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    You cannot walk through the middle of the road because there is every chance of being hit by a vehicle. You cannot sing loudly everywhere because if someone finds your song disturbing the person may come out from nowhere to beat you up. You cannot do things as you wish not because others' freedom will be curtailed but because of your conscience. You are conscious that others might get disturbed by your activities which will restrict you to act according to your wish. The freedom is to give you the choice to do things according to the situation keeping in mind the responsibilities you have. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. They cannot stay separately.

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    We are living in a society or inside a group of people and there is freedom to us in many respects but we also have to take care of the freedom of the group and people who are outside of this group. A group is bound under certain rules and regulations and conditions. It has to remain within the ambit of that. A group of persons goes out and creates havoc in the streets and does some sort of agitation to disturb others then it is neither the individual freedom nor the group freedom. It is only a matter of creating nuisance in the society to attract attention to the group or group leaders. Many elements plan such agitations in the name of freedom but the main purpose is to create problems for other people, administration, and ruling regime.
    Most of these agitations are masterminded by the leaders who have a vested interest in those activities and there are some elements available to them to showcase that there is a big following for their agitation.
    In the name of freedom people have taken so much advantages in this country that we have to define this term afresh in clear terms so that in future no one can misuse it.

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    We live in a civilised society and we must follow its norm. We have the freedom to take any recourse of our will but it does not mean that we should dictate others to follow the ways as decided by us. There might be some other choice that they have planned and such choices fit them for going ahead. For an example, the close relative of your son is interested for Mathematics( Honours) to be pursued at his degree stage but you advise him to take up Chemistry to be chosen since with this course, he will have the plenty of opportunities in his life time. Your suggestion though good to some extent might not enthuse him because of his aversion of the same subject. You should advise others if they are interested to have your opinion, otherwise allow them to go ahead with his chosen path for his career goal.

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