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    How best you handle the criticism. Reply, junk or fade away

    When someone criticism us for our behavior, or work, we need to give the proper resonating and prove that the the criticism or the observation is wrong. How best you handle the criticism when the allegation is very damaging and you are put in a fix ?. Surely we need to get in into reply mode to try to clear the doubts or the questions thus raised. But some times we are not sure about the reply and try to junk the very question and that would give the lead way to others to put us in the dock. But many are taking to get rid of the situation from getting away from the person who posed question and that is nothing but fade away.
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    Criticism should be always welcomed if it is really constructive and useful. When we perform or behave, somebody will be watching and once we complete, they may come out with their opinion. We should hear them and try to understand whether there is any point in their criticism. If it is there take it and improve your performance by making the corrections.
    But some people criticise and for their views, they will never give any justification. Such criticism is just for the sake of criticising only and I think there is no need to give importance to them and we can just ignore them.
    Sometimes the criticism may be correct based on the views of the other person but we may have a different perspective on that particular issue. In such cases, we can spell out our reason for our view or performance and we should leave there. We need not argue and make the other person accept. If the other person is sensible he will also keep silent.

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    There is no need to try to reason or to prove the person criticizing you wrong because you may actually be wrong. The observation can always be correct and the thing is to carefully listen to the observation rather than remaining adamant as if you are always right. Ofcourse you need to clarify the doubts if you feel so and for that, you need to look into various aspects. The person criticizing you may be having a different viewpoint from which the criticism is done and that also must be clarified. Though you may find some people always criticising your actions and when you become aware of such persons you need to keep the replies ready so that the person thinks twice before making criticism. If it is not possible than we need to find ways to avoid people who remain crazy criticizing our every action.

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