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    Indian movies should be made for short duration and not three hours or more

    We have seen many English movies with powerful theme, story line and actions made and finished within one hour film duration and that would look very impressive and long remembering. But most of the Hindi and south Indian movies are made for three or three and half hour time with intermission by adding at least 5 to six songs filmed at various locations across the globe and thus increasing the budget of the film and when the same goes failure, the whole money is lost. Indian movies should be made for short duration and not three hours or more, what is your reaction ?
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    Cinema was earlier considered as an entertainment and Theaters were used to watch movies with family and time pass with entertainment. Openly speaking in the movies of years before 1960 were comprising of many songs rather than dialogues but with stories. That too lengthy songs and number of songs was more in the movies. If the film story was not normal people summarily reject the movies. Many elderly people even now remembers the lines of songs when seeing in the television. They were with meaning.
    But later the movies came with comedy and fighting with specified actors. There was separate groups for actors in that period.
    After that the films are taken with some political topics and with double meaning dialogues and songs. There are people liking that also.
    Presently as people addicted to sit before televisions, mobiles they are unable to sit for more than half an hour in a place.
    But the cinema movies if gone to theaters it should be for the three hours as people should spend the time with some created interest and entertainment purpose as to get themselves free from daily stress.

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    Cinema is basically for entertainment. Indian viewers are more hero-worshipping in nature. They want some good entertainment with the storyline moving. That is why many Indian movies will have songs, comedy scenes with some comedians delivering their best will also be incorporated in the movie. Many movies are making good collections because of the songs and the dance by the lead male and female roles. In English movies, we see very rarely such dances.
    Making a movie is also a business and they spend a lot of money for making a movie. They have to ensure that they will get back their money and some profit. So producers and directors will go by the formula of 5 songs and 4 fights in a movie.
    There are some movies that are smaller duration with only a storyline and they received awards from the government. But they are not hit and make losses. So the mindset of the viewers plays an important role. What the audience wants that will be made.

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    I agree with the author and this is what we have found in common. People resort to movies etc. for entertainment, because of the long entertainment, they start feeling bored. Whereas the stories which are short but interesting and keep the audience engaged, they also have more chances of becoming famous. I also liked short size movies in comparison to long movies. Sometimes there may be some stories of movies that may need a long duration to complete but most of the movies can easily be completed within two or fewer hours.

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    As per the traditions and conventions in Indian film industry a film has to be at least 2 hours to 3 hours so that the people can get good entertainment and be happy about that feeling that their spending so much money on the ticket is worthwhile.
    Many cinegoers will not agree for reducing the present time to one and half hour or one hour. Most of the cinegoers was go to a picture hall or multiplex for enjoying a picnic type thing where they enjoy some snacks and other items on parallel to the picture going on. Some people who do not like songs will go outside and complete their smoking patterns and return just when the song finishes. Some intellectual and high level people in the nature of academicians might be happy for the reduction in the picture because they feel that it is waste of time to spend 3 hours on a film. But that is a small percentage in our country.

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    If the movie-makers feel that the demand of the public is for shorter movies then I think they will definitely reduce the duration. I think the people of our country like the storyline with lots of songs and dance and the usual family drama. To a large section watching such movies may be quite entertaining and based on that movies are created. Maybe the types of stories shown in the Hindi/South Indian movies cannot be framed to a shorter duration though there are many award-winning films of shorter duration. If there are no dance and songs in the movies the duration will automatically come down but I doubt whether such movies can attract a large number of crowds.

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