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    Lockdown may not be the best solution, or so it seems

    With the Covid 19 menace back in its third phase, expert opinion on how to manage it also seems to be divided. Doctors are of the opinion that if one takes all the usual safeguards, that should be fine and a total lockdown is not needed.

    One also does not know for how many years this menace will be around. Only the upper middle class and the rich are unaffected and unemployment is now at a record high. Disturbing visuals of thousands of labour waiting to board trains from industrial hubs such as Tiruppur and Coimbatore does indicate that the people want the security of their homes more than anything else.

    Perhaps with all drastic actions and increased pace of vaccination, the virus can be controlled and only certain restrictions like total lockdown on weekends should be fine enough.
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    I also feel the same. Lockdown may not be required if the protocols are strictly implemented. More than the government individuals should have fear and they should observe all required protocols so that they will not get affected by the virus.
    Already many states started night curfew and weekend curfew etc. Gatherings should be stopped and without wearing a mask no person should be allowed outside. If such precautions are observed without any deviation lock down need not be imposed. But people are not following the required precautions. That is the most worrying factor.
    If lockdown is imposed the financial position of many families will go bad and survival will become very difficult for many employees in small private companies and the poor. So in the large interest of society, we all should be careful and see that we will not help the virus to spread.

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    The main difference between the last wave that is 2nd wave and the present wave that is 3rd wave is that at that time the number of people vaccinated was very less so that was really deadly and there were so many deaths also. Even if we assume that vaccine is 80/90% effective we can find that a large number of population out of the vaccinated ones would be safe. Another thing is the time duration till the first vaccine is effective and if it is 8 to 10 months then naturally after that people for whom this time has been completed have to go for a booster dose as per the instructions of the drug controller and drug agencies and other regulatory bodies nationally or internationally.
    So it follows from this that if lock down is not done in a big way then probably within a few months it might subside as happened with the 2nd wave plus stiff lock down.
    There are so many top level scientists, doctors, and pharma people in the country and they would be advising the Govt on the actions like partial lockdown etc and the Govt will take an administrative action on this big issue. As a good citizen our duty is to co-operate with the guidelines which are being circulated from the top for the advantage of a large number of people of this country. Do not believe in rumours and do not believe everything in social media.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author that lockdown is not the best solution in the present moment but there should be consciousness among the people how best the current situation can be tackled when there will be no more spread the corona virus with the full implementation of safety protocols required to contain the disease. We have already witnessed its rapid surge in the past and this should be enough for all of us to take stringent step to combat the current wave. It should not be difficult for most of us since we are aware of the steps to be taken up to contain the third wave. We should follow the protocols without any deviation. The steps taken up by some state government imposing night curfew is definitely a welcome step but the question is how such steps are taken up by the public to keep themselves safe.
    A complete lockdown can paralyse the entire economic activities of the government apart from affecting our own income and this is no more a secret for most of us. Hence we need to be a little more cautious with the observance of the required protocols relating to this virus.

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    No way there should be any lockdown now. We had enough of them in the last two years. Even though the Omicron variant of the virus is spreading fast all across the country, it should not be as dangerous as Delta. With the majority of the population vaccinated and the virus having mutated there is less risk to life. All that we need to be safe is to wear masks religiously and follow social distancing as much as possible while continuing with our work, office and rest of the essential activities. Another lockdown will break the backbone of the economy and will result in more hardships than the virus could inflict. With more people getting infected with the virus, herd immunity will also be reached earlier. The virus is likely to stay with us for some time to come. As long as it is not too dangerous, it is welcome to live along.
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    From the news emanating across the globe the covid new variants are going to bother now and then and this is not going to be end of it. As said by the author total lock down is not the solution but enforcing extreme curbs are most necessary. The crowding need to be avoided. Now that Sankranti is on, the Jallikattu mania is across the state and surely youths would be bracing to tame the bull, Such gatherings need to be contained. The other day I have seen lots of crowd in T Nagar area for shopping. Why crowd want to gather only in such places where there are every chance of more crowding. Therefore public behavior need to be pruned and it is the individual responsibility and not the state or the center. If anyone does not follow the appropriate rule, he is risking his life and putting others life also in quandary.
    K Mohan
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