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    All the medical knowledge goes haywire when complications arise

    Many non doctors also have good knowledge of medical science because they regularly read the topics related to it and learn the different medicines for different purposes and in due course of time they become quite confident and even take self decided medicines sometimes in their lives. It may work well for some general medicines like pain relievers etc but when it comes to diagnosis and prescribe the correct drug for the ailment then even the doctors also faill miserably in that at times then what to say about the knowledge of non doctors.
    Medical Science and diagnosis and treatment are the most difficult and challenging things in the medical industry and that is the reason why people are going to the expert or the best doctors by finding out from their friends or internet so that there are better chances of getting correct diagnosis and medicines.
    Any views on this?
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    When somebody is sick by hearing to them we will suggest many things and even we suggest some medication only. Our self acquired knowledge by reading various books and items will be used there. Anyhow, the patient may not simply go by our suggestions and he will have his own style of functioning. But when we have some health problem, we will definitely hesitate to use the medication we know and we will get many doubts. Other members of the family will suggest some remedies but we will not remember anything that we know.
    My father is very familiar with AYurvedic medicines and home remedies. Whenever we go and tell him some problem, he will come out with a remedy and suggest we go by his recommendations. But if he gets some health problem, he will definitely go to a doctor and never try anything on his own. Many times it happens and even for a small problem he will go to a doctor and go as per his suggestions.

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    Very true, because sometimes we try to avoid visiting doctor and believe more on home remedies but when our home remedies are of no use we rush to doctors, at that time after doing proper diagnosis doctor says you are very late and the problem is at its last stage. If these kinds of things happen we have nothing left but to lament over because our extraordinary knowledge becomes the result of all disasters. So, having some amount of medical knowledge is good like but its application should be limited.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a scene shown in a Tamil serial wherein a unwanted pregnancy was trying to be aborted and instead of taking the doctor advice, who was not available the person takes the internet help and purchased the medicine even though the shop keeper was reluctant to part with and when the doctor has contacted him by evening the online medicine was already given to the patient and complications started. The doctor chides the person as to one should not do self medication on such complicated issues and even there is risk for life of the patient. Stunned with this he runs back to the patient to see her condition. So what the author said is right, some of us think that internet has all solution but medication has to be done after the body tests and the response thereof.
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