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    If you stumble upon an ISC member then what will be your response to him?

    Many people have a nature of talking to other people whenever they get an opportunity to do so. They will even try to be friendly and informal to the strangers and find out about them as where they work or where they stay. Many times it starts a new friendship or a new relationship. Many of us do that to increase our connections so that we can get some job in a smooth way if that person happens to be present in that office.
    If you are a person like that and in doing those introductions you find that you stumble upon an ISC member then what would be your further response to him?
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    In these thirteen years I happen to have personal meeting with one North Indian member who visited to Hyderabad and want some clarification of address and I met him over a snack at a hotel and he was so happy to meet me and inquired about the consistency and maintaining rank in the site. I said it is simple. Just visit the site regularly and make responses or raise threads and that gets you name and fame for sure. In fact I would love to contact the top performers , GD winners, and even the TOW winners of this site if they happen to visit Hyderabad for one reason or the other. Certainly I would also take cue from them as to how they are doing a winning performance and ISC has been giving them the awards now and then. In fact a informal meeting of members can take place to have one to one understanding of all.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @KMohan, why would you love to meet only the top performers?

    I have never met any virtual friends in my life. I would like to meet a person with whom I am close on the sites.


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    When we met a new person and while getting introduced to each other if we find anything common between them both, naturally the discussion will go more on that topic.
    Once I was travelling on a train and a co-passenger happened to be a student of Andhra University, Department of chemistry. I did my PG in that department only. Once we came to know about that we started discussing the university, the facilities in the department, the teachers we know commonly etc.
    In the same way, if we meet a member of ISC somewhere, we both will definitely discuss the site only. How the site is doing, who are the members doing good and how he will manage the time for contributing on the site will be discussed and then will go on to the other matters. This may be the case not only with me I think, but also others will also do the same. The author might have presented how he will respond in a similar situation.

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    @Sanjeev, if we happen to meet the top performers surely ideas and and many more things can be discussed and that is because of curiosity and nothing else. Not that others are not invited to meet.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The topic becomes even more interesting once we met a friend of our college days after a long break. Finding such a friend multiplies our joys manifold. It happened once with my unexpected visit of my old but dearest friend at Hyderabad Bus Stand. My friend was on the look out of Bus reaching Bengaluru shortly. It was around 4 pm and incidentally I too was interested to have a trip to Bengaluru to visit my daughter living over there.
    Once I discovered him all of sudden at the Bus stand, there was no end of our talk touching the happenings of old college days of St. Xavier's. Even in the bus talk stretched from one topic to other covering a lot of things. Though we reached Bengaluru in time and he accepted my proposal to stay at our residence for a week. It was quite a memorable visit. We remained in touch up to 2011 but later frequency of our conversation has been very low due to his ill health. But still the old days make me fresh when I recall up the same.

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    @KMohan Maybe you need to think out of the site. I won't like to meet a virtual friend who will discuss the site in real-life too. hehehe.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    I agree that if we meet a member of ISC, we are likely to discuss a few things related to it. The same did happen to me. I was delighted to meet Juana on two occasions and appreciate her gracious hospitality and was thrilled also to be lucky to meet two of the editors due to a happenchance opportunity. I had thought, too, it would be a good idea to try and meet members in case I happen to be taking a trip to their town/city since through your forum posts I know where a few of you stay. I had decided that I could contact the member and inquire whether they were interested in meeting if they had the time. However, the pandemic has put a halt to this idea since all travel plans have gone for a toss.

    Coming back to what we'll talk about on meeting a member from ISC, the conversations I had only briefly touched upon ISC. In fact, when I had the opportunity to meet the editors, I practically begged them not to talk about ISC! It was nice to converse about general topics and our families. So if I do stumble upon an ISCian, I would steer the conversation away from ISC for sure.

    Just a thought- I don't think it is necessary to emphasize that the person we met/will meet is from the North or South or wherever. There is enough regionalism in politics and other fields, so let's keep our narration of such experiences out of these narrow confines.

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    I can't predict how it will go. Initially it will be just thrill and excitement. Then slowly it will turn to some mutual personal details. Then once a rapport has come discussion may go to mainstay topics of interest etc.

    Many times during my visit I used to think of communicating to some of the ISCians who may be staying in \near that place. But as it happened I used to visit with a tight schedule and never used to get spare time for enquiring and trying to meet an ISCian.
    But once, when I really planned to meet a member, it just did not happen, because my communication did not reach the member on time, as he was out of net connection during that period.

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