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    How many such pieces of advice remained unimplemented?

    There are many who give us free advice, sometimes you may feel irritated by the constant advice but other than that there are pieces of advice that are provided for our betterment. Such pieces of advice are given by our parents, teachers, mentors and well-wishers. At times we ask for their advice on specific issues and based on their suggestions we perform the tasks. In that case, we seek their advice and implement them because we do not have any other option. In other cases also, the same persons give us their advice and we thank them for those valuable pieces of advice. We also assure them that we will listen to that advice the very next time but how many do we remember and really implement in our activities? For example, you may be reading a book and there you found a piece of advice which is quite helpful to tackle a situation. You underlined that portion and continued to complete the book. On other pages also there may be some advice that you found useful for future use but after you finish reading the book life is back to square one. The advice and suggestions remain inside the book and you carry on with the activities with the same old style. If I ask how many valuable pieces of advice remained unimplemented in your case, I think many won't be able to provide the correct answer; I am including me in this case too. Why many people don't like following a piece of valuable advice unless they badly need it?
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    Giving suggestions and advice is very common. Many People go on giving suggestions to others. These suggestions may be useful sometimes and may not be useful some other times. As individuals, it is our prerogative to implement or not.
    We learn many things by hearing or reading or seeing. Those times we feel that the information is very useful. In such cases what I do is I keep a record of the information somewhere so that when there is a requirement I can use it. Sometimes I do forget what I recorded also. Only when I am searching for something I may see them and feel that I might have used them.
    When some issues are there which are to be sorted out, we may become clueless and in such conditions asking somebody for some suggestions is very common and we may try to use the best suggestion we get from others.

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    For that matters advice due pouring in from the friends, relatives and well wishers and that is out of affection and closeness on many issues and that does not mean that those advice are not implemented. Some advice are good for implementation but we are not having time to give a proper thought on that. Some advice are not that easy to implement but yet made a thought process within us. Even when we watch the tv programs and other things in life, when the people do new things we are tempted to imitate the same but new to non available of the required things we tend to postpone and eventually forget it once for all. Unfortunately we are habituated to constant reminding about the pending things in life and that also includes important advice given by others and only on repeat we might take action.
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    When we require advice and someone gives it willingly then it is very useful and we use it to solve our problems. Sometimes we can refer some books or information in some of the reliable sites in internet to find the same thing and then use it accordingly. But that is a hard path and generally people go for the advices given by elders, friends, and other prominent people from whom we feel that a good and helpful advice would emerge out.
    Then there are occasions where we get unsolicited advices from so many people but we simply ignore it because there is no need for it at that time. Similarly when we are reading a book we find so many good advices like keeping our health in good shape, having good relations with people around us but we simply forget that. We are not going to follow those advices at that point of time as there is no need felt by us.
    Advice seeking is always a need based activity and other times they do not affect us in any way.

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    A piece of advise can be helpful and would be followed but it would sound irritating and discarded by some especially today's children. In olden times we used to follow what elders would ask us to do and not to do.
    Unfortunately, the youth of the new age (children are also included) advise their elders as if they know everything.
    I would like to let you know that whenever I come across any children making fun of their parents , I take them to task and advise them against doing such things. It so happened last week that one of my student who is around 35 years came to attend my English Communication class . As her daughter had a holiday ,she also accompanied her mother.
    She was studying in sixth standard.
    When I was teaching the mother, the daughter kept on laughing when her mother was making mistake and told me that her mother was very bad at communication. I became very disturbed and told her that she never do it again as it was only because of her mother that she was studying in a reputed school and was learning some extra curricular activities such as playing badminton ,drawing etc.
    She could not argue with me because of my age and my position as a teacher. I am unaware whether she took my advice or not but i would be happy if she had because I was able to bring to books at least one disobedient child.
    DO you think it is right to correct when you come across such children?

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    There is a grammatical error is the above post it is not... one of my student ..but one of my students.

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