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    How many of us can claim that our academic graph kept on rising?

    As we grow up difficulty level of academic levels also keep arising. We come across new and difficult level at every academic level. Until we are at school level this graph sees a rise as we grow not just in terms of mental level but social as well. We read a lot, we get new forms of knowledges and education as well and thus keep on trying to score better. As soon as we reach college level their are very few people whose graph rises from previous level. And with this new form of difficulty our chart of academic achievement sees some sort of decline.
    Their are very few people who can claim that their graph has gone up only. Which one are you whose academics graph have risen or whose graph has fallen. Or are you the one who has stayed consistent.
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    When we are going to school or college or university then definitely our academic levels will be changing and would be slowly going up. It will differ from the individual to individual and ones absorbing power and learning capacity that one will be gaining in academics.
    Generally the academic levels remain at their acquired level in a stagnant way but if the individual does more efforts to acquire more knowledge and learning then it so happens that academic levels further increase.

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    My education starting from High School to M.Sc is almost consistent. Throughout the percentage of marks, I obtained are almost at the same level. For a PhD, there are no marks or grades. The degree will be awarded only after evaluation of the Thesis and then conducting the viva voce.
    But my learning is much better during my PG and Doctoral levels when compared to other levels. That may not reflect in the marks I got but as an individual, I feel I gained very good knowledge both academically and generally. I understood the way how we have to maintain ourselves during these two stages only.
    When we are in school, our concentration on studies may be high than we are in college. As we grow up our concentration will be getting diverted on other aspects also. That is why there is a chance here to have a lower level of performance. If we can keep our concentration and focus on studies only, we can get a better percentage in PG level than in UG level.

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    I do not agree with someone if he or she tells that the academic level graph is high and enough. Learning is the continued process and the staff are trained to have new knowledge about new implementation. Take for example every clerk at the ticket counter some years back were issuing the tickets manually and after the online ticketing and computerization was made, slowly the railway employees were made to train and issue tickets. And now everyone of us can book our own tickets and not even going to the station for reserving tickets. Such is the progress of technology and we have to brace up to accept the new challenges and never be in wrong impression that much has been learned and we are perfect with upbeat graph. In future many more changes are going to come and we have to brace up ourselves.
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