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    What happens If you don't give alms to a beggar without any works?

    The number of beggars in the country is around 5 lakhs. So over 5 lakh Indians do not do any work and live only at the mercy of others. They used to beg for money and spent a long life. Not only that, but in most cases, begging is also becoming hereditary. In a multidimensional country like India, where nearly 70 percent of the population lives below the poverty line and a handful of industrialists are listed as the richest people in the world, the question of how much society is responsible for begging is debatable. But begging is undoubtedly harmful to society. In a developing country like India, begging is as normal, perhaps inevitable, as it is daily. In our busy daily life, one or two outstretched hands are always visible in the crowd of passers-by. Not the assurance of being by his side, he holds the filth of helplessness in his hand. I think our govt should think about their alternative deployment with education. We also can provide some misc works at home or workplace and give some money for it. Are they will do such petty works. What is your thinking about this?
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    Though the country has the long list of around five lakh beggars, what I feel that these are the habitual beggars who made passion for begging and even if you drop them with huge amount on their plate, they are not going to stop the begging. Some beggars have the regular customers who keep on giving alms and the days are fixed. So such is the earning spree for them as some are operating finance to others on interest. This is not a joke put reality. Even Telangana govt caught hold of street beggars, given them clean shaving and also new clothes, and gave them money and material not to beg for future, they wont change and back to begging again. In many Hindi films it is shown that a there is big racquet for begging which controlled by mafia and the beggars gets pittance out of daily collections they make on the road.
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    When a healthy and energetic person is begging, we should not encourage and we should not help such people. Oneday a person who was in his 40s came to our house and asked for some money. I told him to do some work in my garden and told him that I will pay him Rs.100/-. But he refused to work and left the place. Such people expect free money without any work.
    If an old person is suffering and asking for food means, we can understand and give him some food or money. There are some people who say that they are ready to work but work is not there for them. For such people, we may give some food to eat but not money.
    I have seen many beggars who use the money they collected for smoking and drinking. It is not advisable to help them and offer them money. In the olden days in villages, many beggars were coming and people used to give them some raw rice or cooked rice but not money. But these days giving money has become very common and the beggars are using them for wrong purposes.

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    The author has posted a very nice post and it is creating a lot of waves in my mind. Yes, there are a large number of beggars in our country. The figure of 5 lakh is only an approximation and could be well above that. There is a seasonal variation also in this number because low paid and local labour opportunities vary with the time of the year and when there is nothing to do some of them would simply beg. As people have more sympathy for women and children, these people will send them to the crossings and other places for begging. For some it is a profession and they devise newer and newer methods for getting alms.
    It is true that we should not give them anything in free but what is the work that we can take from them. The clever ones would simply refuse for it.
    We do not have sufficient orphanage and other homes for them where we can take work from them and give food to them.
    When there is no solution then the simplest which comes to mind is either throw a coin on them or just go away from them.

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    I have no mind in giving money for beggars as it is mainly helps their family children also. But I am dead against that some beggars are using their alms money in the liquor shops and keep their family still in the starve. If we are offering alms to such people it is just like that we are encouraging them as drunkards and with our money we are inducting them to drink.

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    Beggars have the passion to beg and nobody can desist them from their profession. They always remain in comfortable with their own company. If some party or government tries to uplift them with some compensation or money, it will hurt them that there are some forces acting against them for their destabilisation for no fault of their own. There is definitely the heavenly pleasure in remaining the same street and looking for their known faces contributing generously on regular ways. Any step for their betterment might be an appreciative step for the government but not for them since they are already tuned with the art of begging. Application of such tricks can only bring happiness to them and they are no more interested for any external help. The foreign tourists or VIP of other countries might look these ugly incidents seriously which might go against the interest of the nation, but in no way it is their business to look the negative side of their deep attachment to begging.

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    Though begging is there from olden times, it was looked upon as a last resort and those who begged did not feel it as a dignified act. They used to regret for such a state and would yearn to come to a normal earning and living at the earliest chance. Those who continued with begging were only those who were very weak and old, invalid and not able tow work. There were few mendicants who were not supposed to earn money but beg only for grains for their minimum essential food requirements.

    But begging it has got a respectability and news value of a high earning profession in the present days. This has opened up venues of racket and mafia running begging groups. Begging has been turned up a sort of agent -run profession where the operational beggars actually are in effect paid employees. This is what we get to read in media off and on.

    Begging is said to be a profession 'where the whole turnover is profit'. So with the basic human attraction for easy money without putting up hard work, begging will continue in any society. A remedy is to prevent new children entering to this . Unless a strong and comprehensive measure of reward, steady earning job opportunity and strong deterrent punishment is implemented any kind of rehabilitation won't help. That will be just waste of resources. In place of old batch, new batch will come that is all.

    As public i is also easy for us to simply drop a few coins and forget it. Though the coin is an affordable insignificant value to us we do not mind it and feel self proud of being help to someone.

    It is not right and not possible on our part to evaluate, scrutinise and judge on each case as whether deserving or not. For those who beg they also know that they can easily earn from those few hundreds among the thousands they extend hands to.

    I will not say eradicating begging is impossible. It is possible. But for that we need strong political will, strong governance, proper infrastructure facilities and job opportunities giving minimum earning for a normal living. Who will take such a risky task, when elections are contested every five years or less?

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    I strongly feel that we should not give money to the beggars because if we do so , we are encouraging them to live at the mercy of others without making any efforts to take up jobs.
    Even people who are less able should be helped in various ways. Of course, many of them do not accept sympathy by taking money from others but they would like others to get them jobs.

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    We should not forget that we are how we are now only because of God blessing, or good fate or by help from others. Let us feel grateful to all those factors for being endowed well.
    So we need not be too harsh on beggars without knowing the reality behind begging.

    Before the present day 'crowd funding' the principle of crowd funding was put into practice by beggars. Instead of using the word begging we use many camouflages like market funding, crowd funding, stock market, etc. Even big industries are run on money given by others. Political parties collect 'bucket donations'. All of them are akin to begging, though not termed so. Those who need it and do not have it, they take it from others- beg, borrow or steal-practically that is happening.

    When big amount is given as dole it is termed as charity and welfare act, but when small coins are given it is despised by the term begging.
    What a human irony !!

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