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    In some cases initiative is essential.

    In the society, we are a part of, we are surrounded by all kinds of people and we also get different reactions from people with different behavioral views. Many times we see something happening which is not right according to our thoughts but sometimes we also find something which is not right on the basis of humanity or morality. When there is something against our views, even if we don't always protest, it goes on because everyone has their own views but when we see, people are taking some step against humanity, doing some misbehavior which is against morality. Even if it is against it, then we must take initiative to stop it. Our one initiative is necessary for one's life and also to stop the injustices happening in society.
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    That is true. Sometimes we have to take initiative and see that injustice is not done to someone. If somebody is trying to deceive somebody and if we are happened to witness the same, we should try our best to stop such act. Then only we will be called human beings. But in the present-day situations, everybody is concerned about their own problems and they never have time to peep into such issues. If we see an injured person on the road it is our moral responsibility to help him. If we are not able to do anything, at least we should inform the nearest police station about the injured person so that they will take the necessary action.
    Many people these days are taking initiative and starting petitions on various issues and placing them on social media so that many people come forward to help. This is also is part of the initiative we can take. But we should be careful while taking these initiatives. Some people are trying to deceive people and get a personal advantage. We should not get into such loops.

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    Most of the people are self-centred and selfish and do not want to poke their nose in other's matter even if someone is doing injustice to other person openly. We do not have any system of clandestine reporting to some authorities without giving our name so that they can go to the spot and stop that activity and take action against the offender. In today's environment if we complain about that person then police may arrest him and put him behind the bars for a few days but he will immediately get a bail and come out and search us to give us a lesson. That is the basic problem which is refraining people from taking interest in helping the people who are being tortured by others.
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    If we are not doing justice to others, we can at least stop injustice being meted out to others. Doing justice to others may be out of reach for many and that needs courage and passion to help others. But a proper initiative can be done to highlight the injustice and if our move is good and wanting, others would also join the band wagon and support for sure. Suppose when you are going on the road and if a weak person is being targeted and beaten by some other person, we can intervene and question the reason for the clash. But that should be cautious approach as the furious person may also attack us for no reason. Here we have to exercise the utmost sincerity in approach and based on our initiation others would also join and stop the clash. This is the typical example to which many would shy away to react.
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    Sometimes we can see gross indiscipline in the society where the social norms are bypassed and the property from their own relatives are denied. The sufferer does not want to involve others for his own share of property. The result is that he is the ultimate sufferer because of his attachment with his own brother and the sufferer would like to avoid to take legal recourse connected with the law. Since such a step might take its own time, he would like to have internal discussion with the people of his own village. At the initial stage, response was lukewarm but later there was the realisation of injustice to the sufferer. Though there was a series of discussion in this regard and finally the case was resolved in the favour of the victims. We could see how tremendous is the power of the people if they exercise their own right in protecting the sufferer for their legal issues.

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