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    If you are overthinking then you are most connected to many issues

    Some of us are having very much curiosity on others and their progress and we failed to gauge ourselves and our position before others. There are every possibilities that our overthinking on others lead to most connected with them and their many issues. By doing such kind of waste connectivity, we are putting ourselves to undue stress, more worrisome for no reason, and putting our health to risk because the blood pressure increases for nothing. If we do not have work, let us make the habit of reading some spiritual book so that some knowledge in gained instead of wasting on other worst issues.
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    Thinking about the issues of others unnecessarily is not a good trait. Our own problems are plenty. we have to come out of them. We have many responsibilities. Let us attend to them properly. We have many works to complete. Let us concentrate on them and see how successful we are. Instead of solving them, if we start thinking about others and their problems will be a failure. So we need not think about the problems of others.
    There are some people who always work for others and in that process, they will forget about their own responsibilities and works. Such people may be treated as failures only. Tomorrow when he is really in a problem and expects some help nobody will come to his rescue. So we always should take care of our own problems. Of course, if you have some expertise and time you can try to help the people who asked you for your help. DOn't think too much about others and their problems.

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    It is said that curiosity kills the cat. That would be very well applicable to the situation which author has mentioned in this post. If we waste our time in unnecessarily thinking about others and being curious as what is happening in their lives and then finding out it through friends or other clandestine measures then it is in a bad taste to do so. We will never gain anything by doing that. Moreover if that person knows our intentions then he would consider us as a wretched person.
    Generally jealous and empty minded unengaged people resort to such activities. We should avoid in indulging in these unnecessary activities and employee our time in creative and constructive solutions.

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    Our own problems are innumerable sometimes the problems are so complex that a single sitting thinking the problems would not resolve the issues. There are routine issues even taking care of the infants needing your regular attention. Your old parents are in the trouble may be one is not in a position to move. You will have to take care of these old people who have struggled a lot to raise you property and now whatever you have achieved, it is their contributions. Shirking from such responsibilities and paying attention to other responsibilities would mean the wastage of time which could be otherwise invested in solving your problems. Let us not expect that somebody will turn up for solving our problems in case we are offering our helps for others. Chalk out your priorities and resolve them with your dedication.

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    Definitely,thinking about baseless things causes anxiety and fear which result in health issues such as blood pressure and sleep apnea . Persons who are highly paranoid need medical help. One should realize that mere worrying will not solve the problem. Instead of it,we should be calm and when we are disturbed we should try to divert or attention by listening to music or do something which would calm our mind and bring instant relief.

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