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    Do the emotional people have more suicidal tendencies?

    It appears that emotional people are affected or hurt more by any setback or failure or any loss in their personal lives as compared to the strong people. Emotional breakdowns are generally related to the suicidal tendencies also. This is only a general feeling and there are no hard and fast rules like that.
    If a person is already having suicidal tendency due to some past mishap in one's life then he might be affected more by additional failures in one's life and can go for such extreme steps.
    What are your views on this issue?
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    All emotions may not result in suicidal tendencies. Some people are very emotional. They will become very happy very easily and they may get angry also very fast. That means they have no control over their emotions. Some people will never show out their feelings and we never know whether they are happy or not.
    Our past experience combined with negative emotions may result in suicidal tendencies. We should be very careful with such persons. A person who will get easily influenced by negative feelings will have depression. That depression may lead to thoughts about suicide. At that stage, we should see that the person is treated properly by a psychiatrist and proper care should be taken to see that he will come out of such thoughts.
    Some people may feel rejected and they will get into negative emotions and may think about suicide. We should see that they will get out of that rejected feeling.

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    Suicide is related to our feelings, but it does not mean that most suicidal cases are related to emotional people only. There are many suicidal cases where emotionally strong people commit suicide. There may be a point of a situation when someone loses his/her capability of thinking or taking the right decision and as the result, they commit such a sad incidence. In some cases, people may take such decisions but later feel regrate and want to live their life back, people who are saved after committing suicide understand this the value of life is more than anything.

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    People who are emotional likely to be prone to hopelessness and helplessness. Such people become very emotional easily and are likely to make decisions based on their emotions rather than rational thinking. Emotions may cause them to drive to suicidal tendencies sometimes. Most of the people who commit suicide may exhibit emotional behavior.In my personal view, emotional people tend to have suicidal tendencies.
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    It's the fact that those who are emotional they cannot have hold on their life and happening as they feel they are left over and avoided by the society and no one is there to stand in support of them and therefore lose the confidence in life and think of committing suicide. For them counselling also does not matter as they already decided to take extreme step. We have to deal with them cautious because any small wrong advice would make them further vulnerable to bad behavior. For them the world has ended and nothing more interested to live for future.
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