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    Differences between limit and limitation

    Generally, we use these two words interchangeably. But when we get into the meaning there is an appreciable difference.

    A limit is something imposed by ourselves or somebody else on us. The traffic rules say that you should not drive a vehicle at a speed higher than 40 Km/hr. A limitation is the incapability of a person to do a job. I can't jump from a height of more than one metre. That is my limitation.

    A limitation is an attribute and a limit is a measurable quantity. Limit is generally used as a verb whereas limitation is a noun. Limits are fixed. But the limitation is something that we can overcome by working on that particular aspect.

    Expert members can elaborate more on the differences between these two.
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    While the limit is set by the rule or the law, the limitation is set by the worker or performer and he has to decide whether to achieve the limit and set his own limitation. For a great performer with sustained results every time there cannot be limitations and want to surge ahead for sure. Why limits are prescribed because there should be rule of law and every body should abide it. Even in this forum the members are restricted to 15 posts every week and that is the rule limit prescribed by the ISC administration. Even though some of us are great performers and want to post new threads often, it does not mean we have to over look the statutory rules and we have to wait for another week to contribute the posts. Every organization and company has set the limit of spending for any cause and that is why the expenditures are controlled with limitation aspects.
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    A very relevant, worthy matter for discussion and information. Many of us may get more information than that we have now on these two words.
    There are much more than what is given in the thread.
    Limit is used in mathematics. The meaning or sense there is different.
    In Banking parlance 'limit' is the maximum overdraft or loan or facility allowed. But the same can be changed and altered lower or higher subject to specified and complied terms and conditions. Similarly when a banker or lawyer uses word Limitation, what he means is the time period within which he has to proceed with prescribed legal actions based on the given documents.

    But when we say about faculties and abilities, limitation means certain hindrances or handicaps which may have to be overcome or may not be overcome.

    When we say limit in relation to Calculus, limit does not become a finite limit. It just tends.

    I hope we may get more inputs in this matter.

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