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    Self-discipline is very important for freelancing.

    Nowadays there are good options for freelancers not only in content writing but in many other fields. Initially, there is definitely a possibility of getting some less income or less work, but once you have good knowledge about your field as well as when you start understanding the need and demands of your clients or audience, then you have a chance to get more freelancing work. There will be no shortage of work in the freelance world. The biggest advantage of freelance is flexible hours, but it is important to keep in mind that this benefit does not convert into your loss. Most of the time you do not have any restrictions in freelance but we should follow self-discipline ourselves. Our work is not just about to earn the money but it also creates an image of our identity and by providing our work on time we maintain our positive image as a freelancer.
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    What the author said is right and most of the freelancing job works are based on our assurance and our promise and therefore honoring the same should be with utmost sincerity. As most of the jobs are done through remote mode, neither the job doer know the management nor the management know the job doer and thus the trust and faith goes hand in hand and therefore self discipline and agreeing to the terms of work is most essential. Since there is no boss who is ordering us now and then, then it becomes more responsible work wise to abide to rules and do the work more responsibly. Giving the work before hand should be our motto and not to delay the work for no fault of the management and thus time management also goes with work fairness and that is why self discipline plays important role.
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    Self-discipline is very important not only for freelancers but also for other working professionals also. In any field, we should have self-control. Then only we will flourish in our careers. Many people start their careers with a lot of expectations and aspirations. But once they got some positive results they will become overconfident and they will lose control of them. That will be the beginning for them for their downfall. After tasting a little success, they start thinking that they reached their destination and collapse further.
    A person who is having control over him/her will start behaving normally and never get over-excited and see that they will continue their successful run. They will be always grounded and never lose the rhythm. That will be their positive point and help them reach their destination as planned

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    Well, self-discipline is important in every activity where you are the boss or you alone are responsible for it. So it is no different with freelancing work too. With no one to discipline us, there is every likelihood that we will take things easy and thus our work may get affected. But when we work under someone, then it becomes the other person's responsibility to see that we take our work seriously. No wonder not many freelancers make it big in their respective fields. Many talented people fail mainly due to lack of effort, which is primarily due to lack of discipline. Those who are disciplined enough succeed, just like Sachin, Saina Nehwal or even our present Prime Minister have.
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    Free lancing I guess is good but at times when it is related to content writing it hampers our daily life and routine specially if we get indulge in unwanted debates and conversations and take it on our ego to prove a point.
    Content writing needs time and efforts as well but we don't always have that kind of time and it rarely happens that one makes content writing as a full time work. For me I enjoy writing at ISC only and have not tried much of the platform and those I found were fake so I stopped trying and have limited myself to ISC only when I get times. As it is difficult and time taking to find such genuine platform which don't cheat you.

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    Online freelancing jobs are available in plenty in the internet. There are all types of jobs small to big as well as easy to difficult. One has to choose as per once capacity and capability and execute them and try to earn money through that.
    The only negative thing which we can say about the online freelancing jobs is that there are a large number of contenders for it and they will snatch the job from each other. Not only that but some people will start doing it for lesser money.
    Today the situation is so pathetic that for a good work done if someone gets even 0.1 to 0.2 dollars per task he feels very happy. It is a very competitive and tough situation. Everyday millions of people join internet to search for jobs and everyday millions are leaving it as they are not able to tread ahead.
    My intention is not to create any fear in the minds of the workers but I just want to make people aware of what is actually happening in freelancing world.
    Naturally in such a scenario self discipline is the primary requirement.

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