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    With just 26 letters when English can make impact why not other Indian languages ?

    India has many regional languages and some are very old and ancient and they are also popular because they are rich in literature, content, prose and poetry. With just 26 letters when English can make international impact why not other Indian languages especially the South Indian languages which are almost similar in thought process but taught and spoken differently. The letters in regional languages range from 52 to 56 to have the greater impact and understanding of each word and therefore we have the leverage to express more rightly than the English. But many of us never tried the same.
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    English writing is easy. There are only 26 alphabets and people can write easily those 26 letters and words using those letters. But in other Indian languages, there are complex words and sentences which are very difficult to pronounce and write. People who are having English as their mother tongue can speak, write and understand the language very easily. But our mother tongue is something different. We can speak but reading or writing is not that easy. Even people whose mother tongue is Telugu, feel very difficulty in writing and reading the language.
    Once we learn and understand the language, these south Indian languages are very sweet and we can enjoy reading, writing and speaking them.
    English gained popularity due to its simplicity and the majority of the people speak English and that has become the universal language.

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    Regional language has more letters because high and low notes of sound matters.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Stephen Hawking while writing his very popular book, 'A Brief History of TIme', wrote that he kept the language of the book very simple. Even though it was a book related to Physics, he ensured that there were no formulas in the book other than the world-famous E=MCsquare. He believed that every formula he added will make the book less interesting and thus reduce the readership by half. It was because of the simplicity of the book that even a layman, without much background in Physics, found the book interesting and ultimately made it a bestseller.

    The same is true for the English language. As Dr NV Srinivasa Rao has already mentioned, it is the simplicity of the English letters and in turn, the language that makes it very popular all across the world.

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    There are some specialities for some people. We cannot expect any one to do like other. Actor Shivaji Ganesan is great in one way similarly Sanjeev kapoor is great in another way. Even dishes are found different in hotel one to another. One small 10 years old child recites all Bagavath Gita versions without a mistake. One small boy of 12 years old experts himself in Veda reciting. We even sixty five years old, do nothing.
    We should not compare any person or language or anything as they have some specialities in them.

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    It is very difficult to decide which language is easy and which one is not so easy. Every language has its own complexity and a person who doesn't know it finds it difficult to learn it.
    If we go back to the history of English language then there are a few points which I will like to elaborate here. First and foremost is that Britishers went everywhere and captured many of the lands in the world and ruled there for a long time. During that time the local people, natives, and tribals started learning words from English language and though they could not speak English but they started using a large number of English words in their talks. Britishers are very foresighted people and they have a great affinity for absorbing other words from other languages in their language. That is the reason why English language is the most rich language today.
    Due to job opportunities in Britishers time many people started learning English voluntarily. So the spread of English throughout the world was like a wildfire.
    When more people know it then it would appear easy only.

    Knowledge is power.

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