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    Facing the struggles will give you strength, not fear.

    The struggle arises in the life of almost everyone, from rich to poor, from elder to young. Everyone feels that his life is full of struggle but it is not so, struggle is a normal part of every life. When you move forward with the facing of struggles, you are making yourself stronger, but when you often try to avoid conflicts, then in reality you are making your coming time more struggle full. We can also understand it like a disease, the more we hide or run away from the fear of medicine or treatment, so much trouble can happen in the future. Therefore, whatever difficult time or struggle you have today, face it, then you will get out of it soon.
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    Rightly said by the author. By the way struggle is the way of life, struggle is the path of life and those who fear and fail to face the struggle they are long left behind and they cannot not cope up with the crowd who are surging ahead and competing fast on every issue and matter. Once we face the struggle, we are into the details of it, no matter we are successful or not, we came to know the know-how of struggle and therefore has become expertise to combat and take appropriate action at least next time. The covid struggle what we faced in the first phase was unprecedented and everyone was but into struggle, but that gave the great impetus to understand the situation and that made us to deal the second wave with more grace and courage and now we are more prepared to face the so called third wave for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no exaggeration in what the author told. Never have a fear otherwise that fear only will kill you. This is what many successful people in life tell us. I definitely endorse the ideas of the author. When there was any small health problem, I used to go and tell my grandfather ( Mother's father). He used to say never worry about that and never think about that seriously. He used to give medicine and I used to become normal in no time.
    When an issue comes, we should understand the issue properly and try to know the points where the bottlenecks are there and we should try to remove those bottlenecks so that we will be out of the problems. It is common in all our lives to face some problems. If we start running away from the problem it will start hunting us. If we face the same and solve the issues, the problem will be settled once for all. Initially, we may feel that the problem is big and we may not face it. But once we start studying the problem we will get the clues to solve the issue.

    always confident

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