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    We want to be good always, but not possible

    We want to be good always, but not possible, yes we fell short of ideas and competence to work fast and want to complete the same and in the hurry we end up making mistakes and stumble to take diversion of work to other level of no return. To be good is the criteria and reason also, but sometimes we have to act according to situation and demand and sometimes others will have their say through their work and we are helpless to overtake them. Competition is hot, no one is going to rest for a while and therefore we have to brace up and stand to the quality of work , then only we are cared and regarded in the society.
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    It is one thing to be nice or good and it is quite another to behave according to the situation in different aspects of your life. In the name of good, we cannot even give trouble to ourselves and our people, as well as when we say stumbling in life, then we definitely get a lesson, as the author also told. Parameters for good also seem different on the basis of different people, in such a situation you have to decide how will you decide your scale. So just doing your deed with a good intention should be our first aim, rest all up to the situations.

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    Once I have seen the title, I thought the author is talking about the behavioural aspects of people. But when I get into the subject, as usual, it is something related to our performance and progress in our profession. A good person also can do mistakes in his works sometimes. But he may accept his mistakes and takes responsibility. Some people try to throw the responsibility of the mistake on some other person. I have seen many such people who went up in the leader by throwing the blame on others using the access he has to the top boss.
    A good man will never harm other people and try to accept his shortcomings and never blame somebody else for the mistakes or failures. Such people suffer a lot in their careers if the bosses are not straightforward and not open minded. For a successful career being good alone is not sufficient. They should be tactful and should be able to manage their bosses with their diplomatic ways.

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    There is a difference between being good and being a people pleaser. A good person at many times will not be liked by people but will still do good while a people pleaser will many a time go with the wrong things just to make people love him/her. When a person is good he/she not just try to make everyone else's life happy but also one's own while on the other hand a people pleaser will make other happy but often will stay himself/herself unhappy. So one should do and act good to be a good human being even if he/she is not being looked and liked by others.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    We are living in a world of tough competition. It is a cut throat situation. Everyone wants to perform better and then get the first place. The problem is very simple because when there are so many good contenders for something whether it is a position or whether it is the execution of a job then only few of them will be coming on the top and all others will be left behind.
    When I was in my senior secondary school I learn to play chess. There was a group of shopkeepers and retired people who used to play it in open near their shops especially on holidays or off shopping times. I used to stand there and picked up the game from them. I also consulted a few books on chess.
    While seeing their matches I generally took some side and advised to that person whether he wanted to take it from me or not. After some time some of them started to listen what I was telling because it made some sense and soon they invited me to join in sometimes. I felt honoured to play with that group and soon became one of the experts in their eyes. Sometimes I even win games with them.
    After a few years I went to another town to join studies in the college and started playing chess with the students as well as some old people near my room that I had taken on rent for 2 years.
    Suddenly I found that they defeated me very easily. These players were much better than what I had in my hometown.
    So competition is everywhere and we may be good but if someone is better than us then we get defeated.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Being a student of graduation in science in 1969, I was lucky enough to have a conducive surroundings in St. Xavier Ranchi since the teachers were devoted to their profession providing basic inputs in each subject. This was the stage of true learning's of concept of Mathematics under the guidance of the competent faculties. I gradually developed over confidence in Mathematics and iat later stage, I started the profession of a private tutor in Mathematics. The success rate of the students under my guidance was amazing and definitely it was a satisfying time for me that at least my students were getting satisfaction from teaching in this subject. Some of such students were inducted in IIT jee during the regime 1971 75. However, my journey with such students opened my eyes that they had the abilities to crack problems with much faster ways than I used to. Hence there should not be any false sense of pride in any profession that one is always better but in fact, there is no end to achieving excellence.

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    One should be diplomatic in their work field rather than being good because good people do not have much say when they work together with the other staff. On the contrary,if you are diplomatic , when two people do not see eye to eye, a good person bluntly speaks the truth and says it point blank. But a diplomatic person will never interfere and look the other way even though he would know clearly that one person is wrong.
    So, be diplomatic rather than being good.

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    Why do you want to be good and what is restricting you to be a good person? The person whom you call good also makes mistakes and can always act according to the situation. If it's raining you must use the umbrella rather than giving to another person. Even if you give it to another person you must have an alternative to protect yourself from the rains. Nobody in society will remember the competition you are facing. People everywhere are busy with their own works and do not have time for others. They will remember you only if they are affected by your works, if they are not impacted people living in society will not remember.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Though it is not possible, we have to run our day as a good person to others. We should never loose our grip in our character of goodness to others.
    I read one story. A saint who was very kind enough and never hurt others even animals by his words or anything. He was having a deer in his Ashram which normally eats only vegetables and leaves. One day he sparked with a thought to go to moksha and thereby he started to do an yagna without any harmful items. He used only dry leaves and oily flowers for his Yagna. On the second day the deer approached him and told, 'sir! any yagna should be given with a start of some prey. So, you please give me as a prey.' The saint disagree its offer and refused. But the deer by showing the place of heaven, further told the saint that the heaven would be available for both (deer) itself and the Saint, if the prey given. Even by seeing the heaven the saint refused to give prey and do the yagna in his own way. By seeing this confidence on his principle, the God of yagna made the prayer of saint successful.

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