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    How about having just vegetable salad as food ?

    Now that the youth and elders have become more health conscious and want to maintain their diet very strictly and therefore not bowing to unwanted diseases later. Having rice has become the most challenging part to the diabetes patients as eating rice would not lessen the sugar levels and even keep eating wheat based food also does not have the control on the sugar levels. Therefore many are now opting to have just vegetable salad as food and that is proving to be beneficial as vegetables has rich vitamins and fiber which are important to maintain our immunity and strength.
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    Following a healthy diet is a good habit and keeping it consistent is really commendable, but frankly, I don't think everyone is able to do this. Salad is a good food which also needs to be included in the diet but there is little chance that only salad can fulfill all the nutrition. As far as nutritious food is concerned, nowadays it is difficult to say about any vegetable or fruit how nutritious it is because adulteration is everywhere. So I believe one should have a balanced diet and other supplements too, as per their body need.

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    Vegetables and fruits are very good for our good health. Many people these days suggest consuming these items only and they suggest fewer carbohydrates. The Carbohydrates get digested quickly and make us eat more. They contribute more fat and less protein and vitamins. That is why these doctors suggest consuming more fruits and vegetables and fewer carbohydrates. Unfortunately, we all are accustomed to eating more carbohydrates and fewer vegetables. Vegetables will take more time to get digested and that makes us not feel hungry quickly.\
    There are people who eat fruits, vegetables and drink milk and never go for carbohydrates. Such people will have better strength and lead a healthy life.
    How much we eat is not very important but what we eat is more important. Many people these days are becoming health conscious as mentioned by the author and they try to maintain good eating habits. But one important thing we should not forget is physical exercise. We all should have sufficient physical strain so that we can digest what we eat and there will not be any accumulation of fat in the body.

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    Our body requires a balance food for its growth and maintenance. It requires protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which are all required for different purposes in our body. Simply taking salad and such items during our main meals would give us minerals, vitamins, and a little of carbohydrate but no protein. Occasionally it might not matter much but on a regular basis this type of food cannot be good for health.
    Doctors and health experts advise this type of food for them who are already very fat and want to reduce their weight quickly. Once their weight is normal then they can take the normal balance food in a regular way.

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    But some vegetables are raw and cannot be tasted without adding garnish.
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    We have those foods in our daily diet. According to nutritionists, they should not be eaten raw. For example, we take some vegetable seeds like sprouted seeds of beans as food. However, it should not be eaten raw. This is because sprouted raw seeds contain a type of bacteria called Salmonella, which causes problems in the body. Raw tomatoes contain ingredients called glycolcolides, which can cause gastric problems. In this way, many salad foods are bad for the body. Raw potatoes contain some harmful toxins, which can cause serious problems indigestion. Various germinated seeds, such as chickpeas, should not be eaten raw.
    So a complete meal can never be a salad or a vegetable, but can often be taken as a doctor's advice as a patient.

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    It is good to have vegetables salad as food only when we have a limited activities in our daily routine. As we are running here and there, we cannot hold this principle even for a day. According to me we should have our food practice only as we follow from the childhood. But we can reduce the quantity of food and not to reduce the same totally. Some people I am seeing totally avoid using salt in their food but they do not know it is dangerous as it reduce the sodium level in the body and there are chances to lead to brain issues. There are some people I have seen that they are adding some more salt in the food, though the preparation contains correct salt, by saying that they need salt a little bit excess. This is dangerous.

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