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    It is your own responsibility to walk carefully on the wet floor.

    There is a specialty with us that we can understand things even with gestures and we can also take an example for a different situation. Perhaps that is why it is said that the human mind is so developed. But some people do not use the developed mind at the right time and regret it later.

    The title of the thread is giving a glimpse of the fact that when we are seeing that the situation in front is risky, then we should act on our own responsibility. Like we prevent small children from going on a wet floor or warn them because children have less understanding, but very intelligent people are expected to take care of themselves.

    So if you are understanding that the situation is such when you need to be careful, then act wisely. Do not dance on the wet floor or else you will suffer from injury. I would like to apply the same thing to those people who are negligent even after seeing the danger of the third wave.
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    Never step on a banana fruit skin thrown on the path. Definitely, you will slip and may also have a fracture or injury. This is the rule of life. We should be very careful always in our lives. We should be always watchful. Otherwise slipping down and getting lost in the competition is very much possible. Understanding or smelling the problem ahead and planning to overcome that problem will make your life very successful. One should inculcate the habit of behaving as per the situation demands. When we have to be silent we should be silent and when we have to open up we should open up.
    One should have the habit of anticipating the troubles in advance and try to find out ways to manage the situation successfully. That will make our lives smooth sailing. If we are careless and never take the precautions to be taken we will have to face setbacks and we may be the losers ultimately.

    always confident

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    Whenever we want to take up a job or enter in a situation then we must study that from all angles and find out what are the inherent risks hidden there which can be a threat to us. Once we study the things in totality then we will find out that we have to take up that task or not or if we want to get some modification in the situation then we have to talk to the people or ask them to change the situation as per our need. Risk assessment and risk evaluation of a project are the key factors in our life before taking up any project or anything of that sort.
    There is a famous English song starting with the line 'Wise men say only fools rush in ...' and I remember that line when anyone rushes for something without doing a proper homework about the advantages and dangers of a work situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has made a very good comparison with that of taking caution while walking on the wet floor and the same way one should get alert themselves on the impending danger when they are about to go through the challenging situation. One should have the knowledge and courage to face the challenge situation, otherwise they are bound to slip as we do on the wet floor. And the punishment would be severe because, when we already know the bad consequences and yet not taken precaution or kept away from the happening and therefore the fall would be severe and sometimes it may cause the bed ridden moment for many. So one has to behave properly and envisage the impending danger because others have no time to advice us because they are also in the confused mind in these challenging time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has suggested us an apt point that we should take maximum care while walking through a wet fall since at any point of time, we may loose our balance and may fall. No one would suggest what is to be done under such circumstances, we need to anticipate the dangers and act accordingly. We have to measure the risks always prior to taking a step for our movements in such conditions. Once we slip, we will have to go for treatment for a long time and both the medical expenses and time due to our negligent step might be huge sometimes taking loan from others. If the condition of the bed ridden occurs in any hospital, entire our activities might come to a halt. We need to consider pros and cons while moving on a wet floor.

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    One person walked over a road from temple. On the way an elephant with angry came before him. Everybody run here and there. A mohout behind the elephant cried at him to move away. But without minding his words he moved and and got attacked by elephant. The people helped him to hot up told him if he would abide by mohout's word he could escaped from the injury. Like this we should apply our mind or at least hear others. This has been told in Tamil as,'Sol buthiyum illai suya buthiyum illai' which means no self realization nor hearing others words.

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