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    Which is good for health, buttermilk or curd?

    Indians especially south Indians prefer curd or buttermilk as a part of their meal. In Telugu states, we feel our meal is incomplete without eating curd or buttermilk with rice as the last item. Both the items are from milk only. The nutrients available in them are almost similar.

    The curd will have butter and hence it is very difficult to get digested. Whereas buttermilk, which is made by churning out the butter from curd, will get digested easily. Buttermilk is better for having fast-digesting proteins. The curd will be useful for having sustained protein release. Buttermilk contains less fat and more proteins whereas curd will have fewer proteins and more fat. There is a chance you will gain weight if you consume curd daily. As per Ayurveda also curd will have many negative effects on our health.

    So I feel buttermilk is good for heath more than curd. Learned members can give their inputs on this subject.
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    Our elders used to say that having curd rice during the dinner is good for health because instead of eating hard food having curd which is easy to digest and good for health. Moreover curd rice is the easy appetizer and has the digestion power so that next day morning we feel like light weight. Even for children curd rice seems to be the best option as they like the taste which has the creamy layer and it is also good for the taste buds. But during the summer having the buttermilk is the best way to beat the heat and that is the reason being so the villagers in those days use to keep potful of buttermilk at their doorstep so that even passers-by would also drink the buttermilk and quench their thirst.
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    The post raiser is a knowledged person. The use of curd, buttermilk both are good for health but one cannot draw a line for the usage as it differs from one person to another according to their body condition. More over the usage of curd or butter milk is itself based on the practice of each person. My father used to put only one spoon of curd or buttermilk and add some water on that. One uncle who came to our house regularly used to ask my mother to give buttermilk by slightly heated. My paternal uncle used to have curd only in the crystal form and he will shout if the curd is found in loose form. I have seen some north based people using curd or butter milk in the rare level. But generally speaking it is a good heat reducer in the body and so that every south side people prefer curd or butter milk.

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    Health experts suggest that yogurt is a good alternative for those who suffer from digestive problems. It is high in protein, calcium, and vitamins which are very essential for our daily life.
    But buttermilk is made from yogurt is a natural drink for good digestion and dehydration? If you drink this after a little spicy food, then all the food is easily digested and the stomach is also relieved.
    Many people eat it after eating biryani.
    Buttermilk is a food rich in milk. Dairy foods Buttermilk has less fat than milk. We call this food lassi. Those who have trouble digesting milk can eat buttermilk rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals. It is also easy to digest as it has high levels of lactic acid. Throughout India curds are readily available than Lassi, I preferred Curds.

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