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    Sankranthi festivities on low key

    Gone are the days when huge preparations would be made to celebrate three days of this festival across the two Telugu states and this time the Sankranthi festivities on low key and the fervor is missing for many reasons. The onset of infections of different kind is starring at the people and they wanted to be indoors and venturing out for even exchanging the festive pleasantries. The children are not allowed to fly kites, and there is no Rangoli competition this time. Being the first festival gone dry, people are fearing the whole year would be another waste. Any way Happy Sankranthi to all the members.
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    Festivals are observed by the people when the situations and circumstances are conducive or for it. Today the whole country is reeling through the third wave of the coronavirus. It appears that due to the massive vaccine campaign in India and the mutation of the coronavirus there is some relief to the people as this time the infection appears to be less deadly than the earlier one. Still it is a big problem and we must avoid going to the crowded place or making social contacts with each other.
    Every festival gives us an opportunity to enjoy and have fun and every year they come so there is absolutely no problem if we do not celebrate it this year. Let us first get rid of this deadly thing which has disturbed the whole world and not only our country.
    I wish every member a happy makar sankranti and hope that everyone would take the necessary care to avoid any infection getting spread in the society.

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    Many people thinking that the festival Shankaranthi is meant for a group of religions and not for all. But it is not true as the festival is meant for all agricultural sector people irrespective of religion and caste. Normally there are certain festivals in villages wherein all villagers unitedly organize the festival and participated by each and every one of the village without any groupism. To participate in such festivals the kith, kin and relatives of the village people also get assembled in the village from various towns and states. Similarly the agricultural people used to have the harvest in the month of Makara shankaranthi time and to celebrate the harvest grand they enjoy as a festival and with this the other people also participate with them. In due course the agricultural people's relatives residing in the city side also celebrates this festival. This Makar Shankaranthi is common for every Indian as our India is basically agricultural country. We all should know that our entire city living people's life is just based on the life of the agricultural producers.

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    This is the harvest festival and all the people of Andhra Pradesh celebrate this festival with a lot of happiness and enthusiasm. This festival is a very important festival in Andhra Pradesh more than in Telangana. Vijayadasami is more important in Telangana. However, as mentioned by the author kites flying and Rangoli competitions were there in Telangana. But from the last two or three years in Hyderabad, we are not seeing much activity.
    Many people from Hyderabad will travel to their villages to celebrate this festival there. That is why we see very little activity in Hyderabad. Roads will be empty.
    One should go to East Godavari or West Godavari of Andhra Pradesh to see how they celebrate this festival. There will be many competitions and people will be very active during this period. Farmers and their families will celebrate this festival in a grand manner.

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