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    Does it make sense to replace a smartphone's battery instead of buying a new one?

    After four years, my Redmi 4 smartphone's battery is slowly retiring looks like. It suddenly goes off even after fully charging it, sometimes even within 15-20 mins. of charging. It also sometimes goes off when there is an incoming call. I was wondering whether it makes sense to simply purchase a new battery for it rather than buy a new smartphone. The online Republic Day sales of Amazon and Flipkart are coming up so am debating about buying the battery/buying a new phone. Also, is it reliable to purchase a new battery online?

    Have any of you ever replaced the phone battery and continued using the same phone for a few more years? Would the new battery last for another two to three years? Do share your own experiences, if any, of buying a new battery.

    Further, if you bought a new phone, did you get an exchange value for it or did you pass on your old phone if in working condition to somebody else?

    Note- I am posting this in the forum and not in the Ask Expert section for a broader discussion on battery replacements vs new phone purchase if the old phone is otherwise a good one.
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    The smart phones are put to more usage and the original battery fixed by the company is drying out and this problems faced by all. Just for the sake of battery replacing the entire phone is not the wise decision as the working is good and no repairs are reported so far. In Hyderabad there is a exclusive market for batteries and phone accessories in Abids area and we would get any kind of battery to replace and that would give better service. When my smart phone battery dried out , many suggested to go for new phone but I choose to buy another battery and the phone is working good and two years already passed. So do not discard the phone instead go for battery either on line or fetch from the manufacturer the required battery and that would surely give more service instead of going for new phone and so on.
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    Generally, 4 years of life for a smartphone is good. As far as my knowledge goes 5 years is the maximum life for a smartphone. So, in my opinion, it is better to go for a new phone in an exchange programme. Generally, old phones which are in working condition may fetch you Rs,1000/- to Rs,2000/-. So I recommend to go for a new one instead of battery replacement.
    If you replace the battery it may go for another one year or so but there is no surety. I have a bitter experience. I was using a Samsung phone and the battery was getting discharged very quickly and I go the battery changed. But the same problem continued and I was to go for a new phone.
    I suggest you get the phone checked by a technician and take his suggestion before deciding on changing the battery.

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    A phone can work for more number of years if it is in good condition and kept well maintained but the only problem in battery. The original batteries are not available in the market and even if they are available with some online shop like Amazon then they are of some old date and they generally get bad with time just lying like that. Most of the time they will be dead and will not get charged.
    If you buy a duplicate battery from local market like one available in Lamington Road electronic market in Mumbai, it may work for a few months only.
    The mobile companies are not interested in supplying the original batteries to the customers because they want to sell their new models. This is a very peculiar situation but the customer is helpless and has no choice. People who can afford to change their phones within 1-2 years will always advise us to purchase a new phone immediately.

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    Once the battery of my phone started giving problem within the warranty period of 12 months and I replaced it. Then it worked for some more years though the company has stopped its business later on. The interesting thing is nowadays it is hardly possible to replace the batteries of the new models as the batteries remain sealed inside the device and you need to take it to the service personnel for replacement. Since your phone is four years old now, you may go for a replacement than replacing the battery. The android version has changed during this period and it is always better to update because of the release of new apps at random. If a phone becomes too old, I mean the android version, then many new apps may not work properly after installation. Another important thing is the reliability of the batteries. If you at all go for replacing the battery then you must purchase the original one from the company store and not any compatible one from other vendors.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I appreciate it.

    I checked out some phones in the ongoing online sales, but there seem to be quite a few complaints about receiving a device with defects and not getting an exchange for it. I decided therefore not to bother to buy any phone online at present. Today I located a store that replaced the battery for Rs.1,300/- with a three-month warranty. I will hence continue to use my much-loved phone and if I find a new one to my liking, and the old phone is in working condition, either give it in exchange if I get a good price for it or, better still, give it to someone I know who needs a phone for online studies.

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