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    Redundancy of some words which are used together .

    Redundancy is something which is repeated . In grammar some words are repeated and it is not needed. Many people use ...return back.... return it self means come back. Therefore, the word back is redundant here. Similaly, revert back, two twins are redundant.
    For example: I will return back after sometime is not correct as per the rule book of grammar.
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    The author made nice observation when we are using two different words conveying the same meaning and yet use the same so that the other person also gets conveyed in better way. As far as English is concerned, probably it is the only language wherein we can express the things to the understanding level of the other person and that includes even using the similar words as suggested by the author. For example one can always use the sentence " I will come back after some time is the right sentence" instead of I will return back which is wrong. Over the course of time we have been using such similar words for the reasons better known to us. One thing is sure, as long as no fault has been detected by others and when they are in understanding mode, nothing wrong for people using redundancy words as mentioned above.
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    That is true. We use sometimes two words of the same meaning in a row. Probably this is to give stress on what we are telling. As mentioned by the return itself means back so why should we use back also. Simply we can I will return. Or it may be conveyed as I will give you back.
    There are many words which we use like this.
    But it has become very common to use return back.
    Not only in English even in other languages also we will have such usages. In Telugu also such many usages are there. They are all considered mistakes when you see the grammar awareness of the individual.

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