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    Gadgets are making us introvert

    With technological advancement lot of our work is eased, and now we can communicate with anybody sitting anywhere in the world. But to its darker side, I sometimes feel these gadgets are making us introverts. We nowadays avoid talking to new people whenever we visit anywhere and always type keys of our smartphones. In my college when we have no lectures during free time I see nobody have time to talk to friends and everyone is chatting or playing mobile games. The same thing you all have also noticed when we visit somewhere else. We are losing the tendency to meet new people and make new friends. Moreover during festivals visiting relatives and friends physically is very less seen. It's ironic to say that gadgets are connecting people globally who are unable to connect in their territory.
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    It is true that people have become like robots by connecting to other humans through gadgets. New gadgets are introduced very often which makes the bridge of communication much narrower.
    People are happily making new friends on Facebook. They would rather interact with faceless people on Facebook rather than communicating with their own family members directly.

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    Introversion is not something so bad because introverts are often selectively social as well. And it takes time for them to interact with others but once they mingle and have a few good friendships ones will be able to see completely different sides of these people. Mostly these people are good at creative things as they utilise their time in creative endeavours. It is not necessary to be an extrovert to be a part of society. But yes many things do requires basic social and communication skills and social media is causing this skill loss.
    Introversion, when comes naturally, is not as bad as many people think but when it is due to other reasons it might not be that good. Because these people still indulge in social activities too much on social media and often act as trolls and hate commentators and are not able to speak very well in public.

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    Nicely said by the author and especially the youth are more connected with the mobile and they does not care who is wishing them and who is asking them what. They get engrossed in the chat or the video or even game, that what is happening around them is immaterial and they wont even react. This kind of attitude only lead to more introvert character to which there is no liking in public places and sooner the elders would discard those young ones who does not behave as envisaged. Gadgets are in our hand and we are able to get any information at the tip then what is the use when we losing the confidence and connect of the people to whom we were having good relations either too and wanted to meet them again and again. So gadgets need to be sparingly used otherwise we will loose good friends and people for sure.
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    It is an apt observation of the author that we would be more happy with our involvements with gadgets rather than talking a stranger. This is not applicable only to the the strangers with whom we would like to avoid being close to them but even we would not like to talk unnecessarily with our close mates unless it is essential in the wake of changed scenario of easy access to mobiles. Rather this gadgets have changed the dynamics of our lives. The most important aspect of the gadgets are they have reliable tools to update our knowledge of any area we can think of. Hence it has proved to a reliable companion. A few years back, there was no such connection which could alleviate our doubts instantly with no such provision of such gadgets. Gadgets have been eased our lives with our easy connection to someone with whom we would like to make contacts in the event of emergency situations.

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    Ms. Neelam's observations about introversion are absolutely true. The observation that introversion, when it comes naturally, is not as bad as what other people think is absolutely correct. Such people tend to be creative. It is true that some gadgets, especially mobile phones and social media are making not only the younger generation but people of all ages, not introverts but addicted to them.
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    I think the author is not talking about those who are naturally introverts. His idea appears to be to bring out the point of lack of socialisation among people due to their over-indulgence with gadgets. And it is quite true that many of us keep ourselves busy with our gadgets most of the time and are not that much interested in interacting with others out of the virtual world.
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    That is true. These days we see in a family also individual members will be busy with their mobiles and they rarely tack with each other. Some people will be there with their mobile while eating also. These days we all have more virtual friends than real friends. We will not talk with anybody and we will chat on a mobile with a virtual friend. This topic has been discussed many a time on this forum. The relation and friendships between people are reducing and virtual friends are becoming more. They are becoming gadget addicted and chatting over these gadgets only. COVID made us restrict ourselves to our houses only. Further, these gadgets are making us restrict ourselves with such gadgets only and there are no friends or relatives and interactions with them.
    This trend is there in all the houses with all the members irrespective of their age and status.

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    The lack of socialization may be one cause but when one can have all kinds of information and entertainment they are not bothered to mingle with others and therefore feel contended with what is having on hand and with gadget they are more happy.
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    Now the thing is should we call people introverts in this case? When people are willingly keeping themselves busy with their gadgets and not talking to others I would say they are doing it out of compulsion and has little to do with fear to interact with others or shyness. They even do not remain busy in their own world or thoughts rather they find the gadgets more attractive than talking to others. It is correct that gadgets are making us lazy and over-dependent on technologies and these are impacting us badly. If this continues for long then a day may come when people will lose interest in learning new languages and converse with others because the purpose would be served through chatting and using translating apps. If people remain hooked on the gadgets all the time many health complications will arise and they will lose interest in natural things. For example, children nowadays are more interested to play online and video games rather than going outside and playing in the fields. Imagine what can happen if people try to reduce physical activities day by day! Gadgets are connecting people virtually and not emotionally.

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