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    Indians of Five States have a big role to play now

    A blatantly communal party has started to believe and act as if it holds the right to rule the entire country from New Delhi. There is one leader who does not respect any form of democracy. He would talk as if he is the biggest leader on earth; he would openly sort of campaign for his personal friend in the USA, who was absolutely a dictator and was thrown out by the Americans.

    His deputy would refuse to meet MPs from Tamil Nadu and would behave like a big brother or a big boss or both; his FM would have no answer on how the Centre has taken away all FST resources and refuses to give their States their rightful share. Didi of West Bengal showed these communal forces what it means to uphold democratic values.

    In the forthcoming elections, every citizen of the five States should defeat the communal forces lock stock and barrel. India is a democracy and we do not have any place for the horrible kind of communalism that is now there, out in the open, for the whole world to see.
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    Sorry. Read GST resouces.

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    The author has failed to name those five states which can play big role now. But I presume some of those states and give reasoning herewith. Talking about Trinamool, it has seen the uprising of BJP in WB during the assembly elections and she was terrified to see saffron party making forays into communist strongholds and in MP elections BJP would teach her lesson. Telangana CM is mobilizing the national parties and has the eye to become PM and give the state to his son and that is not going to happen. Stalin has got the power with great difficulties and would not do any overtures losing his power again. Kerala has been looking for a change this time and BJP is going to gain here. And in AP, the Chandrababu Naidu already sent feelers to Pavan Kalyan to team up against Jagan and BJP may also join the fray to corner Jagan.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In February and March of this year Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand, and the Manipur States are going for polls. The Bharatiya Janata Party is in power in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, and Uttarakhand. In Manipur, the BJP is a coalition partner. In Punjab, the Congress party is in power. The Uttar Pradesh elections are crucial for the BJP and it is facing defections. Three of the Ministers had already resigned and joined the Samajwadi Party. These elections set the tone for the upcoming Parliament elections in 2024.
    I agree with the author in the content of the thread and hope that the voters of all these States vote with wisdom.

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    I do not know whether foreigners stay in those five states and among them if only the Indians have a big role. In any democratic country and in any election voters play the lead role and there will be no exception I think. If they played the big role earlier they will play a big role yet again. It seems the author is very much aware of the activities of Didi than that of a resident of her state. One must have their own choice about political parties and should be within limits. The terms communal and secular are used by every political party according to their will and there is no need to think that only one party is communal and the rest is secular. The use of overemphasizing adjectives will not make things clear, rather that would indicate an emotional outburst.

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    The voter is always important in a democratic nation. His/ her decision is final. I feel the author should try to evoke understanding among the voters of those five states. What is his action plan, we don't know.
    But one thing is sure that a voter is very wise and he is using his properly always starting from the very first election to the last election that was conducted. They know whom to vote and whom not to vote. These days voters will take whatever all the parties give and finally vote as per their choice only. So let us hope the voters will behave sensibly and vote for the party which they think is good for them.
    Our posts on ISC with unclear expressions and statements may not have any impact on the voters. If we are really interested we can go there and do propoganda for the party we like.

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    Let us not see the things with limited perspectives. Due to the appeasement policies of the past governments our country has already suffered a lot. There are some people in our country who want to divide people on the basis of religion or caste. Some of these want to become state level ministers and happy with that attainment. They have no interest in nation building or thinking about the nation. These elements are responsible for the poor cohesion between states and centre. A good voter should not vote blindly and consider all these points.
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    The ongoing UP elections seems to be tough as all the parties taken the fight to right spirit and showing their grit and courage to face the formidable candidates in every constituency. The first list of BJP has thrown a googly to other parties. They thought that BJP being a saffron party would give the ticket for upper class candidates and that could become the poll plank one of the criteria to defeat the BJP. But they have fielded many back ward class leaders and there by giving a check on other parties as they cannot undermine the candidates selected by BJP based on local politics and the candidates has say on voters. So this kind of minute planning was not there in BJP earlier as the grouping of other parties taken place, this kind of caution behavior from the BJP is going to ensure bigger win in the coming elections.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is not the ongoing but upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections. The Chief Minister has already gone for a safe seat in Gorakhpur. I wish the voters of the State give a strong blow to the party in power. They deserve it as they failed on all fronts in the State.
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    Sivakumar, it is suggested you keep a track of the threads you raise, especially one of this type, and respond to members who have different opinions.
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