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    India's gated communities have a very big role in compassion

    I just gave the watchman in the gated community at Velacheri, Chennai, a couple of fruits and a little money. He could easily be 65 plus. Chennai is home to thousands of such good gated communities where the standard of living is quite high; life is as bad as what it normally is in a metro like New Delhi or Mumbai with neighbours not even knowing the names of people who live in houses on the same floor.

    Be that as it may, human compassion seems to be zero. The watchman was literally in tears. He said that I was the only soul who gave him something at all. The Pongal festival is celebrated over 5 days and there will be special dishes prepared in each of the 80 odd houses; can't people give the poor old men (three of them manning five differerent gates) or to the hundreds working as guest workers in the numerous construction projects and staying on to live miserable lives on the pavements, very nearby, something to eat? Does it require a big moral revolution to do this?
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    Empathy is a great human trait that is a source of endurance, hope, and strength. Human society, however, survives on the basis of little empathy. Those who are sympathetic think that life is good, and we are blessed to have a lining for everything. Happiness and depression are inseparable from life; They are lively, sympathetic, and humble. But to be honest, we have seen the real assessment of what happened during the Cobid situation. One class of people is dying but there is no one beside them. Money is not always needed to show sympathy for someone. If only you could see the good and the bad in the person who is working in your house. In this way, if everyone could see those involved with their family, a major part of the society could survive this exploitation. The author is right in saying that there is no one to watch. It doesn't really fit the human character. So we can be successful only if we can awaken our empathy according to our ability even though we may have less wealth. Thank you for such a constructive idea.
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    A good thought raised by the author in this post. It is the duty of all those we can afford to share some of their money with the poor and downtrodden or the lowly paid staff. In our area in many societies every year people are contributing some money and distributing it among the security guards, cleaning persons, and other people like that.
    At the present juncture while doing this we not only help them but get their blessings also for ourselves.
    Everyone should spread this message in their respective societies and try to get some good amount for distributing to these low paid staff and help them.

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    Good that the author has reached out to the watchman of the gated community and parted with fruits and money. In these days people have become so selfish and self controlled that they are not having time to look for others. My sister lives in a gated community of 24 floors with nine flats each in a floor and the two gates would be agog with activities as the visitors are properly screened and only after a nod from the owners the people are sent inside. Such strict laws would sometimes hamper when a genuine relative or the friend wants to see with welfare and know about the life cannot visit such places unless and until they are proven at the gates. They need not send outsiders, but relatives and friend are not outsiders and thus over whelming strictness at the gate is also spoiling the greatness of the gated communities.
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    In Hyderabad, in almost all apartments we see a watchman and he stays with his family in the small house on the ground floor free of cost. I observed many of them are Dhobis and they will do the ironing of clothes and earn good money. The lady will work in some of the flats in the complex and earn. That is a way of employment for them. Many families will give some food to them and it is more on festival days. I have seen a similar concept in gatted communities also. I don't know why Chennai people never do such small favours also for the poor.
    We all should help other needy people to the possible extent. All should have this quality. It is always good to help a man who is feeling hungry and make him eat some food. People who suffered in their lives to come up only will understand the pain of people and such people only will help the people who are suffering. People who enjoy their wealth acquired from their forefathers may not know the pain of hunger and such people may not come forward to help the people.

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    We can understand the plight of others only when we have faced the hardships in our real lives. If someone is begging before us, we might unilateral decisions - offering him some paltry sum or there could be even refusal from our sides. Our sensibility or compassion can be seen for such people if we have faced the similar situations in the past. Hardships always provide us the real insight of the struggles of the starved people. We have seen how tough the is the life of people during the current time when corona is showing its dirtiest form resulting in loss of livelihood for many people. We must understand their plight and we should come forward with liberal donations so that it could provide real help to these starved people.

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