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    Who is a nationalist and an Indian?

    One horribly communal character, who actually hails from Bihar talks communal matters day in and day out in Tamil Nadu. Those who dare to question his irrational and absolutely stupid views are branded "anti-national" by him. This includes journalists as well.

    There is an absolutely biased view of what is called nationalism. A nationalist is one who is proud to be an Indian; who always defends the Indian armed forces. A few weeks ago, when the most horrible helicopter crash happened in Coonoor in Tamil Nadu, ordinary folks rushed to the spot and did all that they could to try to save the lives of those involved; the Armed forces simply praised the humble people and the Chief Minister who personally supervised everything. These are the true nationalists.

    A true nationalist has maximum tolerance for others. For other languages, other cultures and traditions and cultural practices. And zero tolerance for hate speeches. In fact, those who talk in such a manner should be booked under the Goondas Act for 30 years. No less.

    It is high time we drew up a new definition of what it takes to be called a nationalist.
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    True nationalism is the feeling where the individual is united on the question of the good and the bad of the state itself. The sense of nationalism and its judgment and recognition of good and evil helps to strengthen and stimulate the nation. It is the duty of every nationalist citizen to constructively criticize evil and find a way out of it. Individuals are not separate from the state, government, or political party. Expressing his own views helps to awaken and activate racism. Basically, the real consciousness of nationalism is hidden in saying good and bad in question. However, the author should not speak of any specific people here. However, the opposite situation is dangerous and harmful for the state. Because it has to do with democracy. It is not right to be hostile in order to make the democratic system sustainable, strong, and lasting. If such a situation arises, dictatorship will emerge instead of the presence of democracy. So I think they need a conscience or otherwise they should be punished.
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    Everyone who respects and honours one's country and its rules and regulations is a nationalist person. For them nation is first and everything else is after that.
    Unfortunately there are many people around who want to destabilize our country and pursue their selfish interests. They will instigate the gullible ones on the name of religion, cast, creed, and sect. They will always create problems for the ruling regime and will try their best to topple it and then bring their party or their people in power and then take all the advantage associated with it. In a democracy such things are very common.
    As the number of these people is quite large it is not possible for any government to nab them and book them to the books.
    There are so many goonda incidents in the past but we have seen that government, state as well as centre, has simply ignored them to avoid conflict and confrontation. Everyone wants to keep their chairs in safe mode.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Surely we are not going to find the finest quality of Nationalist like Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Swamy Vivekananda, Morarji Desai, who have been so humble in their life and understood the meaning of life. Not like the so called present day leaders who happen to visit a house and eat with the down trodden only to be given pose for the media and then never cared. Some times they work with farmer in the field not knowing what to be done on the field. Such kind of fake portrayal are taken as true nationalist by some and that is why they are failing to garner the votes. And the true Indian is one who has the commitment to the society and courage to do anything for the country and uplift of the society and even the nature and the people would give heart and soul for such people and support them in every endeavor. And the Indian keeps quiet without doing hungama.
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    Be proud to be an Indian and always proudly say that I am an Indian. This is what a true nationalist should do. But unfortunately, some people for their selfish gains and for the welfare of their own family started encouraging some faiths and created unrest in the minds of the people belonging to some faiths. As a matter of fact, leaders should treat all people equally. But because of vote politics, mainly many leaders who ruled this country increased the gap between the faiths and they started enjoying their lives.
    I agree with the author that such people should be punished irrespective of their party, power or faith. When such a situation prevails all Indians will become true natiobalists. The AP government is advertising a religion by printing about another religion on the receipts given for the donations given by the devotees. Really a matter of concern. Is it not?

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