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    Ignorance and fear create devotion in the human mind

    There seems to be various fear in people's. Fear of accidents, fear of natural disasters, fear of insects, fear of safety, fear of disease, fear of poverty, fear of suffering, fear of Jadu-tona, fear of jinn-ghosts, fear of death. They are familiar with these fears since time immemorial. And so, the ritual of surrendering, worshiping, and worshiping the imaginary lord, gods, and goddesses, liberating them from fears, has been going on since time immemorial. These customs, starting with the family, are prevalent among large communities, and thereby various agents working to resolve these problems in our society in many forms. I think it is due to ignorance and fear. Do you believe it?
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    Ancient humans must have gone through so many natural disasters and calamities and would be searching for protective covers from those things to not happen in their lives again and again. Since that time itself concept of fearing or worshipping or respecting the nature started. Different societies had different problems and they invented their own Gods, Ghosts, Spirits etc. Then these things are rooted in the minds of the coming generations and a particular society will be believing in a set of certain concepts and beliefs in this regard.
    The strange thing is that though the all beliefs are originated from the same premises people feel that their beliefs are correct and others beliefs are wrong. That is the irony of this world.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Out of all fears mentioned and detailed by the author, the fear of death is the most uncertain and most unexpected and every one fears for this as they have not achieved anything formidable so far and yet death is staring at them in one risk or the other. The fear of accidents can be avoided if we are not venturing out, the fear of natural disaster is for all to go through and sustain the loss. Fear of insects is rare and minimal. Fear of safety can be discarded if we take ample precautions. Fear of disease can be overcome if we have control over eating junk foods. Fear of poverty is more taxing on those who are unemployed and under employed. Fear of suffering can be mitigated if we save for future. Fear of Jadu, fear of ghosts are not for all. And therefore we have to worry about the fear of death because the karma what we do has the say.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Fear and ignorance are the reasons for worship. I am not fully convinced with that concept. We will have fear only when we commit some mistake. As human beings on this earth, we may face many difficulties and we try our best to come out of those problems. Eventhough we try our best, we feel that we should get external support and for that, we pray God to give us the required strength to get out of problems.
    Actually, all the things mentioned by the author are bound to happen in the lives of almost all people. The nature around us has to protect us from many problems. So it is our minimum duty to respect nature. To bring this awareness among the people we should practice and teach all good manners.

    always confident

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    Devotion may not necessarily be related to religious practices one can be devoted to her/his work also. Devotion can be doing something with complete faith and loyalty. There are many things that are beyond our control and everyone wishes to stay unharmed under all circumstances but can anybody guarantee that they will not face any unfavourable situation in life? There is ignorance, there is fear and also there is the infinite space where everything dissolves. Accepting it is also a way of liberation. How you are going to accept is your choice but do not accept it out of ignorance. Try to know what you do not know. We all should have the inclination to know things. Customs and traditions are a way to keep people united in a specific way. It's good to be aware of it and also question if some illogical practice takes place.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is the human, we always project our direction towards the God or supreme power only when we got a fear or hit.

    I read one story in the Spiritual book.

    A big building construction was going on in a place. One day the head of construction have come to see the development. He was seeing everything from the second floor of the semi constructed building along with the Engineer. For a clarification to the query raised by the Head, the engineer called the supervisor who was standing on the ground by watching the workers. As the engineer's voice not heard the supervisor not noticed. Again the engineer throw a ten rupee coin on him from the top. It hit the supervisor and fell down on the ground. Casually the supervisor took the ten rupee coin, kept in his packet and continued his work. Again the engineer throw a small stone on him. On getting hit of the stone, the supervisor immediately looked up who thrown the stone. Engineer waved his hand to him to come up. But the Head told the engineer with smile, 'This is the human. When we get anything good we are not thinking God or thanking but when we get some problem we immediately think or call God.'

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