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    All kinds of doctors must be avialable under one roof.

    As the days are passing, the people are confronting with new and unknown diseases to which there is no specific doctors available at the disposal and one has to be get referred to big hospital which works out to be costly. Every state govt should utilize the colony community hall and engage all kinds of doctors under one roof so that affordable heath care and advice can be given to all especially to poor. Private doctors are not able to get the prime locations on cheaper rates and thus they have to charge more as consultation fees. Do you also agree with me that all kinds of doctors must be available under one roof.
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    The Government General Hospitals will have doctors for all specialties. They are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and the required paramedical staff. Apart from this, there will be Primary Health Centres (PHC) in many parts of towns. The villages also will have at least one PHC. What is required is a sufficient ratio of doctors to the population. The Community Halls or other public places can be utilised for health care whenever the necessity arises. In the present pandemic condition, some buildings of educational or other public places are being used for Covid treatment and vaccination.
    Some of the private hospitals in Andhra Pradesh are providing healthcare to poor people under government-sponsored schemes. The World Health Organisation recommends one doctor for every thousand population. The need of the hour is achieving that ratio and increasing the budget for healthcare. The Union and State Governments should work in close cooperation to provide good healthcare to the population.

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    There are government hospitals in every Mandal and district headquarters. District hospitals will have all divisions and almost all ailments will be treated thereby, specialist doctors. In big cities, we see many multi-speciality hospitals and many people will go there as they are all covered by some or the other insurance. Medical health cards that are given by the governments in different names for poor people also. I have seen many people from villages coming and getting treated in NIMS, Hyderabad with the health card given by the government.
    Even rich people also are taking insurance and trying to get treatment in good hospitals. The real problem in having hospitals in rural areas is those good doctors are not available. In India, MBBS is very costly and many people can't afford the same. So I think governments should think of making these courses affordable to the poor also by having more colleges and then we will have more doctors. A long way to go.

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    For example the Malkajgiri area hospital does not have all doctors and patients are sent to Gandhi hospitals.
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    If Government recruits sufficient doctors in its hospital or PHCs then this problem can be resolved and a good number of different doctors will be available under the same roof. In some places this is already been achieved and many other places I assume that recruitment would be under process. Up to that part there is not much problem but the real challenge comes to maintain the infrastructure in these hospitals and make available the supply of medicines and other facilities to the patients. We are lacking in that respect and most of our PHCs especially in remote areas do not have the basic facilities and even the doctors do not attend their duties there and remain absconding. That is why in spite of so many government hospitals the private hospitals are flourishing and earning money. A fresh doctor does not want to serve in a remote area but will work in the metros in a private clinic for a small salary.
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