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    The reality behind camels being brought in in the guise of eking out a living

    In Hyderabad, we can see camels being taken into colonies and gated community areas and inducing children to have a ride on it for 10 Rs. These camels are brought from Rajasthan and their motive is different. When Bakrid approaches, these camels are sold at high rates and they are brought to be butchered. The state police also knows that camels are being illegally brought in in the guise of eking out daily survival but the fact is that they are on the look out for probable customers to strike a big deal.
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    I am sure the children are enjoying this ride and hope there will be no untoward incident because of this. All safety precautions have to be followed in that case and the law-enforcing authorities should keep an eye on these acts. Camel ride is there in many tourist places and maybe because of a fall in the businesses in such places they are visiting the cities to earn a living. But if they are brought illegally inside the state then the law-abiding citizens may initiate some actions against those people.

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    That is true. That is a big business in Hyderabad for some people.
    Yesterday also I have seen two camels while going to my brother's house. Very frequently these people bring camels to the colonies and children will show a lot of interest to have a ride on them. But the money they get on this is not very high. They may be selling afterwards at a high price I think. These camels might have been used in the desert to travel and once they become old, those people may be selling to these people and they are bringing them here and doing business.
    When we go to Kerala and visit Munnar, you will find elephants there in the park and when we visited that place we had a ride on elephants. When we visited the Vyshnavi Devi temple we travelled on horses and that ride is also good.

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    As far as the camels are used for children pleasure ride is good and agreed but later they are sold.
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    Camels are available in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat in quite good number and in many villages they are being used for many purposes like transporting etc. If they are being taken to other state on the pretext of children amusement or anything else and if the real motive behind that is to butcher them and earn money then it is something which is against the animal protection act. Police might accept FIR on this basis and some citizen groups can take initiative in this direction but it should be done in confidence with the local administration as it can turn into a sensitive issue and some evil elements would try to resist and oppose the move. State government will also not be very keen to pursue it but if the public pressure is there then they will have to do something.
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