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    Tomorrow is the Kanuma festival

    Makara Sankranthi is celebrated as a 4 day festival in Andhra Pradesh. The 3rd day is called Kanuma. It is a very important festival, especially for farmers. This day may also be called Mattu Pongal (festival of the cow) in some places of the state. This day is devoted to cattle and other animals. These animals play a very important role in ruler areas and for the economy of rural people.

    All the cattle will be washed properly and decorated nicely and there will be a possession of animals of that village. Children will also participate in these processions by climbing their bullock carts. In some places, bullock carts competitions will be conducted and the winning party will be rewarded. some may perform pooja also for these cattle.

    In Villages only we will see the importance of this festival. How about this festival in other states.
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    For the Tamilians we had already celebrated the Kanuma festival yesterday as our Bhogi began on 13th, and 14th being Sankranthi , and 15th being the Kanuma, and we all family members gathered at our elder sister house and had the gala time in celebrating the great festival of sister and brother bonding. During this festivities, the sisters would pray for the well being and longer life for the brothers and they would offer all kinds of prepared food to the crow who are the disguise of our ancestors and seek blessing to keep the family happy. On this occasion each one of the sister and their children prepared food and brought to same to be eaten at a gathering and that was wonderful feeling that after a long time such kind of family bonding could be possible and everyone was seen exchanging pleasantries and having best time.
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    After having stayed in Hyderabad for the last ten years, I have come to realize that Makar Sankranti or Pongal is a very big festival in the two Telugu states. The popularity of the festival is so high, especially in Andhra Pradesh that Hyderabad literally becomes empty during the 3-4 days of the festival. Almost everyone who is from Andhra leaves for his/her hometown and as such, there is hardly any soul to be seen on the streets of Hyderabad during the festival period. Most shops are also closed during this period. I had to send a courier on Saturday but unfortunately, none of the courier agencies, including the post office was open. The same was the scene on Sunday also. Finally, I got to send it today.

    As for celebrating the festival in my native Bengal, it is not as high-key an affair as here. Like in other states, it is celebrated as a harvest festival, but it is more about preparing certain sweet dishes called Pitha that are made mainly of rice, coconut and jaggery. A variety of pithas are prepared on this day, either by boiling, roasting or baking a dough or batter. The jaggery is of date palm type and not the usual one obtained from sugarcane. The festival is called Poush Sankranti in Bengal as well as Bangladesh.

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