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    News anchors do not sell, then why do they shout?

    Many of you go to the market. There are various shops in the market and some of them may have a specific characteristic of selling their products. For example, the shopkeepers at the grocery shop are much quite than the vegetable shop. They remain busy in the activities inside the shop by catering to the requests of the customers whereas the vegetable vendors often shout to advertise the price and quality of the vegetables they are selling. There is competition in both kinds of items but the ways of selling are different. If you enter the fish market the scene is somewhat different and the place is noisier. These are the types witnessed in my area and they may vary according to place. To advertise the products one shouts to describe the offer and quality which is quite natural, though at times may be irritating.

    Now let's come to various TV channels. Each channel presents the topics in their own ways and there you will find some news anchors are shouting at random to describe what has happened or is happening. It is not limited to one or two anchors but the mood of the entire team is like that only. Whether it is of enough public importance or not is not the factor, sometimes their tone is such as if they are selling some items. Do they get more viewers by shouting?
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    The so called electronic media has become the laughing stock of the nation as invariably the news anchor never allow the participants to say their views instead impose some kind of forced conditions by shouting on the topic as if the anchor has found the truth and representing the entire audience and not the participants. The over action of some anchors even prevent the very acceptance of invitation to participate in the debate as the end result would be dominance of anchor and not allowed to speak the reality. Having fed up with this kind of one sided dialogues and shouting, I stopped watching a particular channel which emanates more decibel sounds and the audience could not get into the understanding level of the very matters. Every anchor wants to prove their mantle and superior to other anchors but they are not liked.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People generally raise their voice to make others listen to their views. News anchors also do the same and we come across such situations when they want to convey something important to the viewers.
    Some people watch the news and debates in general to know the different views of the participants so that they can know better about the prevailing situation. When the news anchor or the participants roar or thunder,obviously their views get the attention. The TRP is bound to shoot when there is a hot debate in such channel and it results in selling it better.

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    In my opinion, 24 X 7 news channels should be banned. They are spoiling the entire atmosphere. As mentioned by the author why the anchors sometimes raise voices is not known. The length of the question will be more than the answer. Sometimes the debate goes in a way that some people are quarrelling near a public tap in a water shortage area. The topic they select needs no discussion or debate actually. But they start and call some local leaders and what they talk they don't know and there will not be any clarity in the discussion.
    Not alone anchors, the participants also think that they are in a fish market only and never maintain decency. They talk as they like. These channels are serving any purpose. The so-called reporters of these channels exploit the small businessmen in their area and make money. Very unfortunate.

    always confident

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    As the vegetables are fresh and easily got out of perishability, the vendors calling the buyers to use them instead of going to other vendors. But even though they are curious in calling the customers, they will not reduce the price over others. In our city Madurai, there is weekly shandy. We used to go there by late evening and buy from the vendor who possess a limited quantity with a clearing rate, as ours was a big family, we want a little bit extra quantity. They also agreed for that price and gave the total unit for a fixed rate and start packing up along with us.

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    In a particular Telugu Tv chat shows, during the current topic discussions, leaders from all parties are being roped in and the topic is revealed to them on the spot to which some are prepared and many cut sorry figure and that is taken as advantage by the anchor and try to take on the party. That is very wrong. The discussion panel leaders are respected in the society and they need to be told about the topic before sitting in the discussion. The command of some anchors are more demanding and many a time the participant has no word to say anything and that gives chance for other parties to pounce on him. Fearing such kind of humiliation on television, some leaders are hesitating to participate and they prefer to give phone in comments and that is also being shouted at and demean the remote participant by the anchor.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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