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    The boss is always the same almost everywhere

    There are certain very common characteristics of Indian bosses. Many of them, or even majority of them, with rare exceptions, are those who never encouraged any subordinate to grow beyond a particular level. In the IT companies, there are some complaints of the male bosses being very particular that the girl should not talk to any other male, more so, if the girl is beautiful or good looking or both. There are instances where the girls have simply resigned their jobs in disgust. One does not know how true such stories are, but such instances seem to happen.

    However, in the manufacturing or service sector, it should be noted that it is not possible to find any ideal boss. If one thinks that by quitting the job, the new environment will have a better boss, such a possibility may or may not be there. If the boss is insecure, he will be even more horrible than the previous boss.

    Hence, it is somewhat prudent to stay on and look at larger career interests and the learning opportunities in the present job. The most important point in today's conditions is to gather substantial experience in any job and not quit the job just because the boss is bad.
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    This is a very interesting post raised by the author. Boss is a word which brings in our mind an image of the person having tall and robust figure and on seeing whome we fear and always have apprehension as what he will tell us now. It is well said that boss is boss and boss is always right. Given a choice no one will like to have a boss. But in this practical world its not possible.
    One of the main characteristics of a boss is that he will take maximum work from the subordinates because that is the benchmark for his performance evaluation. So it is natural that the employees under him will not be happy as he would always be keeping them on their toes. I have seen many people who always complain about their bosses and tell that he is very tough and cruel and what not. But when some of these people themselves become bosses then they start behaving tougher as well as more cruel ways.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has raised a very interesting topic highlighting the temperament of the bosses deputed in the different sectors. They are known for imparting better guidance by virtue of their substantial experience and this aspect will certainly benefit you to go inside the complexities of the jobs. With your cordial behaviour and inclination toward your work, you can extract such useful tips to be employed in your area. However, there are certain personal egos varying from boss to boss and you need to take care of their eccentricities, if they have any. One such a bad habit might be he would burst out for a minor issue in presence of so many audience which might offend you. Within a specific time, you are supposed to take up multitasking and lapse while doing such jobs could cause annoyance to your boss. You will have to handle your boss if he is too obstinate. Your innovative approach might irk him. Yo will be required to handle under such crucial situations. These apart there are a lot of things in the current job to be learnt to enrich your experience to benefit you in the upcoming time. This aspect is important.

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    True. The other side of the canal always appears green only. But when we go near only we will understand the reality. Boss is always a boss only. Either this company or that company. More or less the person will be almost similar. So to make the change, the boss should not be the reason. The career prospects and our pay packet should be the reason for a change. Never think that a boss will be cooperative and the other boss is not. You have to do the job and you have to come to their expectations.
    I know many IT employees and there are employees from programmer level to Vice President level. But I never heard of this issue. Anyhow some organisations may have such problems. Anyhow boss will have his own desires and aspirations. To get those wishes fulfilled they will never hesitate to make their subordinates scapegoats. So employees should always know the realties and perform well within those limits only.

    always confident

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    The heading may be correct, The boss is always the same 'almost everywhere' as there are some exceptions. As for as I concerned, actually I worked only in two organizations - three years and twenty three years.

    In the first companies one is proprietary organization - it is needless to say everybody should dance according to the tune of the proprietor. But in that company where I worked the proprietor was somewhat understanding person tackled every situation wise and never angered or change his words.

    In the second one, mine was a big factory attached admin office and having branches all over India. I was attached in the Head office with a senior to me and five subordinates, having control over all - factory, office and branches. I used to visit all branches almost every month in turn. My senior (he did not want to call as boss though he was the Director of the department) , who is an advocate, very realistic person and tackled every situation without any haste. He gave me full freedom to function the department so that I can freely work even in critical situations. He gave me a good courage to handle the situations. On the very first day of my joining, he advised me not to make any employees (as we are in Personnel Department) to wait out of our room, patiently hear them as they may come in different mood. This helped me and him to handle the total employees without any unrest or chaos. We made all the employees in an understanding way.
    Thanks to the author for making me to remember my senior in this good day.

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