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    Keep enhancing your talents, they will prove to be your true support.

    Although today is a time of self-reliance, still, perhaps everyone needs support. It is not necessary that this support should be of any person, relationship, or money only. All these are the factors of life that we definitely need but we cannot guarantee them because they are all mortal.

    Though we all human beings are Mortals, as long as we are alive we should keep ourselves excited with life. Many times people bring dullness in life due to loss of a special relationship, or job, or any other reason and also start ignoring what they have. But when we make our support to those things which are only under our control then we prove to be our support.

    Such is the support of our talents, those talents that we already have or which we build. Improve these talents from time to time because believe it or not, but after an age or a time, these talents will become the cause of enthusiasm in your life.
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    Talent is very essential these days. Fittest only can survive. We should not depend on anybody for our survival. We have to support ourselves and see that we will be on the success track. For this, talent is very essential. But how to improve the talent? By learning or by observing or with the experience we can improve our talent.
    Our talents and skills only will support us to survive in our careers and attain good positions. There may be many things that will help you to gain a position but to survive in that one should have the support of the required talent and skills.

    always confident

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    One of my friend who was working in concept selling was dealing with company finance, wealth management and loan hedging. He used to visit daily 10 companies and has been contacted 1500 companies so far without any concrete feedback. My friend was upset and even thought of quitting citing no productivity in his approach, but the boss was very happy and confident. He now asked to follow up and revisit from the first and that would certainly fetch results. Now the companies started realizing the importance of such facility and they started inquiring the modalities and how to go about. So everything cannot be achieved overnight and in marketing especially concept marketing it takes time to understand and thus when keep enhancing the talent, the results are going to be mind blowing in near future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Whatever we do, we need some special touch of talents to be successful in that venture. Of course, we might get some initial guidance for carrying out the same with our boss, colleagues but that is to the some extent. We might face a lot of inconvenience while doing the same and we cannot intervene others regularly for guidances. Hence we need to improve ourselves by applying our talents and this is not altogether impossible if we have passion for such jobs. Exposure with the job, too, would be helpful in nurturing our talents.

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    Talent can be an inbuilt trait or it can be developed any time. It depends on how an individual wishes to make progress in whatever field chooses to do. For example, if a person has passion for painting he or she can join a painting class and learn after which he can paint and exhibit his creativity in a exhibition. By continuously keeping in touch with the art , the individual will be able to get recognition and appreciation.

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    After acquiring academic qualifications most of the students have more and less knowledge about their subjects which of course reflects in their exam scores. Once they get jobs and settle in their offices or workplace lives then what matters most is their talent and skill levels along with the basic knowledge of the subject that they had already acquired during their educational phases.
    In a particular office or company we often find that some people are exceptionally good in work and management feels that they are more talented than others and then they also get benefit out of that consideration.
    These people have a knack for learning new things in a faster way and definitely they are hard working also. They have a continuous yearning for learning newer ways of attending tasks and doing it in a newer and efficient way and that is why they are finally called as talented. I have a strong feeling that with hard work and continuously learning and gaining new skills a person can become talented.

    Knowledge is power.

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