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    Taking utmost care about our health is most important especially in the present situation.

    Normally our elders used to advise us to keep our body in a good condition by exercise, food practice, hygienic etc.
    Presently the Covid threat, Omicron threat emphasize the need of hour in keeping a good health condition.
    Besides everything, the stress on the care on our health is not to take ourselves to doctors or hospitals but we should prevent ourselves to go to a doctor or hospital. Once we step into a hospital for general treatment, the monetary problem, mental agony, straining our persons.
    Recently a relative of mine taken to a hospital wherein they have told that the normal expenses for treating her would be a lakh per month as it would need to treat there for two months.
    We should take our regular food, medicines in regular timings, following safety measures mask wearing, hand washing etc., while going out of house and coming back to house.
    Above all we should keep our mind free from stress, always thinking good is essential.
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    The author made the right submission that keeping our health has become utmost important otherwise we end up paying huge bills to the doctors and treatment. First of all we should not allow the disease to escalate to higher proportion that needs hospitalization and that would amount to huge expenditure. Most of the middle class and poor have stopped doing unnecessary expenditure and making provision for the future medical expenses. Some have taken the insurance cover so that they are not bothered for the money after untimely death. All these are now become the necessity and no one denies that the health gets top most priority and even those who are rich and can afford and thinking twice before going to doctor because even small infection made to big disease and expenses starts from that hour.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A piece of very timely advice from the author. At any time, for a human being health is very important. Without health, we can't enjoy or we can't be happy in our lives. That is why we should always care for our health always. We should have good eating habits and we should maintain hygienic conditions to have good health. Physical exercise is very important for good health.
    Presently the situation outside is very bad. Many people are getting affected with omicron and there are symptoms also for some people but they are getting tested positive. But many people are moving even without masks. Many gatherings are taking place. They will allow the virus to spread.
    It is our health and it is our responsibility to see that we will have good health. We need not wait for the government to come to tell us how we should conduct ourselves. We all know very well the protocols that we have to follow the protocols and see that we are safe and our family members are safe.

    always confident

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    Health is wealth and there is no doubt about this fundamental understanding. A person becomes totally useless if his health is not in order and he starts visiting hospitals and health centres for the rest of his life. It is very necessary to take care of health as far as possible not only by taking proper food and avoiding the junk food but also doing regular exercises and undertaking stress reducing techniques. Some people say that they don't get time to take care of their health. This is absolutely a wrong notion. If you have interest in something you will find time for it at any cost. If you feel that health is the most important thing in our lives then you will find time for that also.
    Yoga and meditation these are two resources in our hands which we can use on a regular basis and attain a good health as well as good mental state.

    Knowledge is power.

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