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    Life is like camera- Shoot, capture and develop

    Our life can be compared with many things as per the thought process and our ability to convince others. I think our life is like camera- as we can shoot, capture the right moments and develop the life to the right direction. By shoot here mean aim at the right education and pursue the right career so that the envisaged wants has been achieved. We must capture the inner thoughts and urge within us and guide the life to that direction. Once the spade work is done , then our target should be how to develop the acquired new way of life to the more profitable avenues. Any comment on this observations ?
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    The author compared our lives with cameras. He has explained nicely why he compared these two also. In our lives also we should have a goal and we should aim to achieve our goal and we have to take all the steps necessary to reach the goals and then we will have the happiness of our success and this success will be helpful to us in development. A camera will take a photograph nicely when the focus is good and there should not be any moment. In the same way in our lives also we should have a focus on our goals and there should not be a deviation from the goal. Then only we will have a fruitful journey in life.
    A camera may be of very high quality but the photograph may not be good if the camera is not properly operated. In the same way, we should face our life with a lot of patience and focus. Then only we will have a pleasant life. These days there are no cameras separately. They are built into smartphones and we have no life these days without a smartphone in our hands.

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