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    Being grand father never chide the son in front of grand child

    It is the habit of elder people to have command and control of their family and no matter who ever it and how big they are, they exercise power of controlling them for even in small matters. Being grand father one should take precaution and never chide the son in front of grand child because that would set a wrong precedent and the child would also emulate the same. Grand father has the right to chide anyone but when it comes to advising his son, then should be private and not in the presence of grand children. Because the grand children would take into their heart.
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    That is always. Wife and husband should not quarrel in presence of children. That may give wrong feelings to the children. They will also get tuned to such things. Definitely, we should not find fault with our children when their children are there with them. If we feel that what they did is wrong we should talk to them separately. In fact, once our children are grown up and making their own life, we should not scold them. If we feel we can advise them but the decision should be left to them. They do what they feel is right. They will be responsible and they will only have the fruits of their actions.
    If we try to scold them or find fault with them, they may also feel that we are not allowing them to have their life the way they wanted. So we should treat our married sons as our friends and we should be friendly with them. e should not have any expectations of them and we should not think that they should obey us.

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    First of all nowadays very few sons with children would allow their parents to scold them in front of their children.If they do so, no parents should reprimand them at the presence of their children as they would not respect their own parents in the near future.
    In fact, even the grandchildren do not like if their won grand parents or parents try to advise or scold them in the presence of any body .
    Therefore, it is always better to correct any body when they are alone.

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