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    Do you remember the first toy you had cherished when you were a child?

    Everybody would have had their favourite toy which they had played with when they were children.
    For girls, it was always dolls which they would so fondly deck up with beautiful clothes and accessories. For boys, it was cars, helicopters, buses, tractors and so on.

    When we were children, my brother used to keep his toys in a separate basket and I would keep them in another basket. When it was time to play, we would play separately with our own set of friends.

    As our mother was very strict, we would make sure that after playing, we neatly put the toys back in our respective baskets.

    Do you remember any toys you were attached to when you were a little boy or a girl? What was it and how you used to play with it and with whom?
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    I don't remember the toys I played with during my childhood. I remember a tricycle that was purchased when was 3 years and I used to drive that within the house. To move around the house also I used to use that only. Later the same was used by my sister and later by my brother. When we were children we used to have only one set of toys only and we all used to play with that only. There were no separate sets.
    But for my children, I used to purchase separate sets for both the sons. My second son used to keep his toys very carefully. If anybody is not using them properly he used to ask them not to play with his toys. One neighbour's baby used to play with his toys and used to spoil them. Then my son told the neighbour lady that she should not allow her baby into our house as the baby is spoiling his toys.

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    I can't say whether it was my first toy or not but the toy I used to adore was one my father brought from Rajasthan. A boat with a lamp inside and a when one used to lit the lamp the boat used to run on water by itself.
    I never liked the kind of stereotypes made that girls should play with dolls and stuffed toys whereas for boys cars and vehicles. And always opted for the toys which were often defined as toys for boys for example I liked Beyblades, cars, guns and laser torch. No matter how much people use to teach me these are the toys meant for boy I still liked to play with these toys only and I have so many cousin around so I used to play with them with their toys which were so called boys.

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    When I was a child I still remember that I was given a small plastic car by my uncle. We were living in a remote town where seeing such a toy was a great luxury. My uncle had a government job in a far off place and every year he came on holidays and then we will anxiously be waiting for him to come and bring something for us. That plastic car was a great thrill for me and when I pushed it on the floor it made fascinating sound and was a continuous source of enjoyment. My younger brother who was quite young to me was also much thrilled but I did not give it to him as he had a habit of throwing things here and there. Sometimes he cried to take the car in his possession but I hide it and he could never make out about its location. I gave him some old tin boxes and he was happy with the sound that they rattled when he threw them away. Our time was of crude and inexpensive toys that our mother invented for us and amid that the plastic car was a real possession.
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    Since my childhood dates back to 56 years old, it should be expressly understood that modern type of toys are rare and not available but we have been provided with Nada Vandi in Tamil meals the walking tri wooden wheel toy that has to be pushed to learn the walking. Since the tri wheel has no control sometimes the child would push the same with much intensity and end up falling on the ground but no one would bother or lift the child as that is way we have been brought up to know the pain of getting hurt and then back to life Now a days the children are provided with modern toys and even parted with the cell phones to enjoy the cartoon characters and games but there is no physical exercise and most of the parents would carry the baby on their shoulder and thus today's children were missing the right nurturing.
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