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    Can evil forces be eradicated from this world?

    Our Earth is a beautiful place for human dwelling but there are some evil forces which create problems for the fellow beings. Some of these are terrorist groups, drug mafia, child trafficking, smugglers, kidnappers, burglars, cyber criminals, separatist groups etc and they have created havoc in many countries and almost all the Govt are at their wits end to tackle with these offenders.
    Until some strong action is taken against these groups individually or collectively by all the countries the situation is not going to improve. These groups who are doing illegal and unethical activities are having enough money power to buy anyone in any position in any government and with that confidence they are doing all wrongful things. Can these evil forces be eradicated from the world to make it really a nice place to live? Is it possible by some means? What do you think?
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    A very tough task. If all the countries in the world come together and decide commonly on the actions required to be taken and all the countries implement such decisions commonly without any deviation we may see some improvement. But the rulers these days are more interested and or busy in keeping their power and they concentrate more on making money but not on the welfare of society. The people who are creating all these problems will definitely have the blessings of somebody in power and they will manage that person by giving him some money. Even some countries may use these forces as weapons on their enemy countries so that these countries will not flourish.
    The UNO is actually an organisation formed for making all the countries united but it couldn't do much due to the politics of the countries that are having veto power. Sincerity is not there in these days politicians and leaders and they go by their personal objectives and goals rather than making good to the country.

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    It is the high time to us to realize the present pandemic problem is mainly due to the evil forces. Evil minded persons are now increasing and they are indirectly killing others through their actions. This is to be eradicated necessarily and unless otherwise, the country will face a huge disaster. India is a cultured country we should never skip or slip from our culture in any way. It is a duty to every parents to act with good manners and teach good manners to their children. Unless otherwise the respective governments take initiative steps to maintain moral instruction classes in all levels, the younger generation will get spoiled. As the younger generation is forthcoming rulers, the future of our country is in our hand only to cultivate good manners in younger generation. We can see many suicides, misbehaving with other gender of peoples are increasing day by day in all parts of our country.

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    For that matter one must understand as to why the evil forces are raising their head now and then. That the population is increasing and in those homes where there are more children and only single person to earn and feed, the poverty is more , no education and thus other way to earn begins and that would be through illegal way. And there are certain groups who are looking for such wrong doers and enter contract with them to do the work done and take money. These are under hand dealings to which even the law enforcing agencies are unable to detect and nab. As long as there is no protest and total discard of these evil forces, nothing can be done. The law enforcing agencies must be extra vigil and safeguard the country and the people from these evil forces which are expanding and penetrating to everywhere.
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    Not likely. Just as light and darkness, cold and hot, sweet and sour exist together, similarly good and evil also cohabit with each other and will continue to do so for years together. How much we may try, society may try, the judiciary may try and even governments may try, it won't be possible to banish the evil forces from the face of Earth. Except perhaps in the Satya Yuga, man has never been able to keep away from evil. Be it in the time of Ashoka, Chandragupta, Mughals, Shivaji or the British raj, never have been there instances when mankind hadn't had to deal with evil, be it in any form. The present age in which we are living is no different. So to expect that we will be one day able to do away with evil is a bit far-fetched. In fact, it will be the other way round. As mankind progresses, more is the likelihood that evil forces will continue to be on the rise, whatever steps or measures the strongest of governments may take to oppose them.
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