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    Old age homes with a big difference

    Coimbatore, the second largest city of Tamil Nadu, with an international airport and train connections to almost every major city of India, is home to a massive number of old-age homes that are priced according to their locations and also facilities on offer. Many of them also arrange for emergency medical care. The vast gated communities are full of people who belong to the upper middle classes and the rich. Most of these houses are owned but one can also rent them as well. Food is also given and this is mostly of the Tamil Brahmin variety. Guests are also given food based on advance notice. These old age homes are now becoming centers of good communal harmony. The city has more number of old age homes than even Chennai, since the latter is a massive metro where real estate is very costly and the suburbs are becoming very costly as well.

    Coimbatore is much larger than all other cities including Madurai but enjoys a very good climate. The people are highly hospitable as well.

    At the other extreme, some ninety kilometres from Tiruchirapalli, the fourth largest city of Tamil Nadu, is the temple town of Kumbakonam that is now multiplying the number of old age homes as well. The costs are comparatively lower bur this town is not even one eighth in size when compared to Coimbatore or easily double that number when compared to Chennai. The biggest advantage is the relatively low cost of living and extremely rich agricultural base of the town.

    Perhaps these old age homes will become the order of the day across India. Parents are themselves seeking the social and security net of these spaces so that they can live in peace during their old age.
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    More and more old age homes are now coming up in our country in various places. Coimbatore is one of the main places in this respect. Wherever these homes are situated, only a few of them are of good quality and are a bit costly also on the pockets of the old people. The emergence of nuclear families in a big way is the main reason for creation of this facility in our country. There are some model old age homes in Gujarat state which are also very well planned and well maintained by its owners. Near Haridwar and Rishikesh there are a few based on Vedic concepts. They are not costly but they take an entrance test for Vedic proficiencies.
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    The author has been talking about growing old age homes and the best hospitality and that is not the greatness to portray but a question to ponder over because Tamil Nadu is also a well educated population and fail to keep terms with the parents and the children behavior is forcing the elders to choose for old age homes. It is said that the elders are being harassed to part with the retirement benefits they get so that two square meals be given at their own place, but elders wants freedom and movement to other places and thus prefer a furnished old age home with all facilities and food to cherish and also with good medical attendance and also having car to move about to nearby places of interest and thus at the fag end of the age, instead of giving money to the children and get chided, they prefer to live happily.
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    This is just not true. There may be a few cases where the children demand the retirement benefits from the father's. But the super rich NRI Tamil population, now cutting across many communities like the Chettiars and Nadars happily give a lot of money to their parents. Those who prefer the agricultural environment, prefer Kumbakonam or Tiruchirapalli or even Tirunelveli in deep South Tamil Nadu. Those who want a mini metro city life prefer Coimbatore, one of the most beautiful cities of India. It has Pollachi and another town called Gobichettipalayam that are just too famous and have a massive number of movies shot in the most natural environs of these towns.

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    In this declining age of life, they themselves are suffering from immobile, decrepit old age and have become extremely helpless and unfortunately have got a place in old age shelter called old age home. The Shan family was the first to establish a shelter for the elderly in China. However, the old age home had all the facilities for the comfort of the elderly. There was adequate provision of food and entertainment. But nowadays when we hear the name of old age home, we think that old parents have put their son in a place called hell.
    It is in many cases but not really. There are a lot of old people who really have no one, or those who have are living abroad and the old people are not willing to go abroad, in all these circumstances they can stay in a good place. It may have a name and an old age home. However, there will be all kinds of modern facilities. So nowadays many old age homes with full five-star facilities are being built and the crowd is increasing day by day. I think it is necessary today.

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    I agree with K Mohan when he said "that is not the greatness to portray but a question to ponder over". Is this really something to be proud of? Isn't it sad that such homes are mushrooming? If children can "happily" give a lot of money to parents, why can't they stay with them and care for them? You are assuming that parents are seeking out such places. Rather, they likely have no choice.
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    Why one should think about the facilities in an old age home. I feel there should not be any old age home. The children of the parents should take care of their parents when they are old. Simple giving money will never be a great help. These days even senior citizens also have some income in the form of pension or as interest on their saving etc. The income they are getting may be sufficient for their day to day expenses. But what they want is a hand that holds them and make them walk. When we are very young our parents used to hold our hands and made us walk. So it is the duty of the children to hold the hands of their parents and see that they will be happy in their old age.
    The admission to oldage homes should be given to only such people who are not having their own children. The children should think about the requirements of their parents and see that they will get those requirements. So think of making their parents happy.

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    The mushrooming of the old age homes itself indicates that they are popular with elderly people. There are a few things to know about old age homes. They are available in all budgets. The medical facilities available are basic and for any treatment, the inmates have to go to some hospital at their own expenditure. No old age home will take care of the critically ill and they have to be taken home by their children or relatives. Those who are unable to attend to their daily physical needs are also not allowed to stay. In nutshell, the elderly who joined old age homes need to be taken back by their children or relatives.
    In a way, old age homes are becoming a necessity. In some cases, the children are going abroad for making a living. The parents cannot be taken with them. The parents cannot manage by themselves and old age homes are offering them a solution. In some cases when children go to other places for work, it is not possible to rent a house that can accommodate all of them.
    Many elderly people are preferring old age homes as they are unable to manage their own homes due to the nonavailability of housemaids and the other supporting workforce. In some cases, the children are harassing their parents to give their savings to them for one purpose or another. In the case of retired employees, they are asked to surrender their pension ATM cards to them. All these are making old age homes preferable for many elderly. One advantage is that they will be in the company of their age group. Old age homes need not be looked down on. The changing times are making them attractive. Those who can afford can enjoy their last phase of life in a good environment and company.

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    Old parents who have some health issues do not want to be burden to their children and they willingly opt out to get settled in the comfort of old age homes. Those homes have luxury of reputed hotels,with good cuisine of their choice. In addition to that,they are secured and have good sophisticated companions.
    However,although they have enough bank balance and get a good amount of pension,some ungrateful ,selfish children pester their parents to settle down in senior citizens' home. This is indeed a sad case which the younger generation should reconsider doing it

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