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    Spoon feeding the child- how fast you are as modern mother ?

    The other day I was stunningly watching the ordeal of a modern mother, who is in hurry to get back to office, and her child would not eat the food and she has to come on the road, show the dog, talk to other child to induce eating and yet the child would not open the mouth and very meager food is given at the span of one hour. Feeding the babies was big art and our parents simply used to put a plate and items before child and ask to eat on own and we did it. No spoon feeding on those days as many children were present and we were grown up on our own. Spoon feeding the child- how fast you are as modern mother ?
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    When food is not available to eat then there is no question of spoon feeding. The phenomena of spoon feeding takes place only when food is available in plenty and in variety but the one who has to consume it has no interest in it as one is already full up to the brim with all types of foods taken earlier. Children of well-to-do families suffer from this syndrome often.
    In my village, about 57 years back when I was a child, we saw many babies crying for quite some time for food but their mothers did not attend them and after some time the babies kept quiet and just waiting for food. This is the same behaviour that we see in the puppies of many animals when they are hungry. So when mothers got the milk from the cow or other things ready for feeding the babies then only they gave it to them and the baby took it so eagerly and so attentively that mother need not to wait for it happen. Food is babie's requirement and we have to give it to him when he is hungry. A baby is not a sack that we go on filling it with some food.

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    We have seen some mothers often offering the foods for their babies by means of spoon feeding though the the baby is reluctant to take the foods. The baby is enticed in many ways to gulp the food - stuff. However, there is the other section of children taking their foods themselves without persuading them for feeding. More we chase them for the food, more they become habituated of the bad practice of enticement.
    Let the baby be hungry and he should himself ask for the food. This will be the healthy way of their eating. Forcing the babies to eat always might affect digestion process and repeated requests to take foods will cause his aversion to foods.

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    These days many kids are behaving in the same way. They will not eat fast and we have to spare our time and be with them, slowly tell them some stories and all that and then only they will eat. Especially kids who completed their 1st year behave the same way. Till they complete their 4th year they behave like that. After that, they may take on their own.
    My elder granddaughter just completed her 4th year. She eats on her own. But the second granddaughter is 1 year old. She will take a lot of time to complete her meal. Her mother or grandmother will be there with her. But if we make her sit before the TV she will eat without any problem. We will not allow her as she may get habituated to that.
    Really it is a tough task for the working women as they have to complete their domestic work and then goes to the office. They have to be on the fast track always.

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