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    How do you feel when your time is not your time

    Today we are living in an age of competitions and tough career making options. The workplace pressure is there in our minds even if we reach our home and relax. By the time we settle in our cozy house environment we start getting phone calls from our boss or some other important persons confirming or seeking clarification about so many things which we had done in the past few days under our jurisdiction. Career and earning being the most important thing in the life of a young person, one has to attend to these phone calls and mitigate them in the best possible business manners. The other family members who are dependent on this single young person will be seeing and observing these things happening helplessly and simply mutter that how tough the life of that guy had become after getting the employment.
    Many people working in such environments feel that they don't have their own time as their time has been snatched away by the cruel business surviving strategies.
    Is it true that in the modern times many people don't have their own time in their hands and feel miserable about it to that extent?
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    The author has indicated a very tough situation at least for the youngsters having no time for their own for the relaxation. Their parents were overly satisfied that his well deserved child has landed into a job of his choice after acquiring the management degree from a reputed institution. But how his life has become so tough with his engagement in a multinational company with no brake of his son from such busy calls from his boss having no time to hear his wife and parents. Though he is enjoying the hefty perks for his job but it has ultimately changed his life to a boredom stage.
    The parents are realising that their times were not so so hard as compared to their son. Though their income were not pretty enough, but they were satisfied emotionally with the management all their expenses. They had enough time for outings and meetings their friends on regular basis for relaxation but their own child is deprived of such natural relaxation.

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    That is true. Personally, I experienced a similar situation when I was working in a company. My wife and my children used to say that they are not getting time to talk to me and they used to say that they will also contact me on phone only. I used to get phone calls from different people asking for some information or clarification. Even when I was on leave also, I used to get this type of phone call. That is all a part of the job and we have to respond to the needs. Otherwise, we may not progress well in our careers. Now I am observing the same trend with my two sons. Sometimes, they don't even give time for lunch.
    But in this heavy competitive world, we have to see that we will be always in the good books of the decision-makers. So we have to oblige and see that we should not deliver the goods. One should forget about the time and they should perform their duty well. Then only we will have a good scope for progress.
    But people who are in lower positions may not bring office home. As long as they are in the office they work and once they are out of office, they can forget their office work and completely dedicate their time for their house and works in th ]e house can be completed.

    always confident

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to a the real happening in front of our eyes as the timing office for my son is very irregular, answerable to many but not getting the right cooperation. Even on holidays and Sundays he is working two shifts and yet the problems do occur after he returns back home and he has to be on contact with phone and e mails. This proves that there is something wrong with the company and no one is ready to take the responsibility and keep on shifting the blame game. Being the chemical formulations for the drugs industry, the timing is necessary and if the orders are not given within the time the company would loose. But no one fixing the problems and my boy is spending too much time. Moreover he joined as trainee and given the big responsibility of team leader to evolve.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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