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    Does it surprise you if someone does like that?

    There are some people in this world who are earning good amount of money during their career but by seeing their living standards and outwardly appearance you will feel as if they belong to lower middle class or ordinary class and have restricted money sources with them. They are not misers but they have a habit of living in simple and modest ways. Friends and relatives would generally criticize about them and even backbite that what they will do with so much money in their hands when they are not living in a style of rich and affluent.
    Somehow in my opinion such people are prudent enough and stable in their minds about the fundamental aspects of our lives and happiness that we can derive without having much materialistic desires.
    What do you think about such people?
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    One need not spend the money to show that he is rich. Where we have to spend we have to spend there and where we should not, we should not. There is no necessity that we have to wear costly dresses and always move in the car only. We can do it the way we like. I have seen a person in our native place. He was very rich. But lived a very simple life. But he used to help poor people. But he never advertised about the donations he has given to the needy. He used to go to the temple daily on foot. Only after his demise, people start talking about the help he did to them and then only the helps he made to others become public.
    We need not talk bad about the people who are living a simple life irrespective of their richness. That is great quality and those people will never forget their basics and they will be on the ground always. A miser is different.
    He will not help anybody and try to save each and every paise.

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    Speaking of beautiful ideas, it is seen in real life in many people. I think we need to learn from them, not insult them. Because living a normal life is natural. If someone is happy in this way, then there is nothing bad. There are some people in the society who do not waste when they spend, they are not stingy, they are in moderation. That is why frugality is the best quality of human beings. And it is possible to achieve success through frugality. So everyone should be frugal by eliminating waste.
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    During my college B. Com degree course, we have a professional auditor as guest lecturer for Advanced Accountancy and Auditing subjects. He was a number one auditor in Madurai, rich, highly qualified but wearing only simple dhothi and long shirt that too in Khadi material.
    Recently I read a news about the owner of Chemmanur group of company based on Kerala State. No one can believe that he is a big group of company owner by seeing his posture and dress. Further he do not like others calling him by 'Sir' but he likes others to call by him name only.

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    Actually, it should not matter to others what we wear or how we live. But then, being part of society we can't help but compare our lifestyle with others and expect them to follow our way of living. No wonder when someone who does not mind wearing fashionable clothes or lives in a well-furnished house comes across a person, who even though having the financial means is frugal in his/her expenditures and lives a very ordinary life, it is hard for the former to accept the other person in his/her social circle. However, in my opinion, there should be a balance between what you earn and how much you spend. As long as you are spending or rather say investing in things like health, education, travel or learning new skills, wearing decent clothing and living in a modest home, the expense should not matter, if it is within your means. But to spend on things like fashion, clothes, restaurants, vehicles, costly decorations for your house, etc just for showing off to others is not a wise act. It can do a lot of good to us in case instead of splurging the money on showoffs, we save it for unseen circumstances that we may land into in future.

    So ideally speaking, we should not be mindful, if someone even though having the means, decides to live or dress modestly. In fact it is none of our business to dictate how the other person lives or dresses.

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