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    Never take small children on two wheelers

    A couple of days ago, in Western Chennai a nasty accident has been reported. A family has three children and the father takes two sons, aged 4 and 2 on his two wheeler. He collides with a three wheeler and loses his balance. He escapes with miinor injuries but his two sons are crushed by a speeding lorry that follows them. This is just horrible and is a common sight in the big metro cities with massive traffic. Chennai is slightly better than Bangalore since the traffic moves a bit faster. But the density of traffic is even worse than Bangalore as there are too many by-lanes and one has to be very careful.

    In any case, it is advisable to avoid taking such small children by two wheelers. The best option is the Ola taxi, though it might cost a bit more. Lives are too precious to be lost in such accidents.
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    That is true. Even though we are careful, if the other side driver is not careful also accidents will happen and we will also get injured. It is always better to go by auto as mentioned by the other instead of going by a two-wheeler when we have more than one kid. Many accidents are happening and we see many people dying in such accidents.
    Another thing I noticed is more than 2 people going on a two-wheeler is very risky. I see 3 to 4 people going on a two-wheeler and police also will not object to this. One more issue is that pillion rider is not required to wear a helmet. I don't understand the logic here. If there is an accident, chances are there for both the passengers to have injuries. Then why no helmet for the 2nd passenger I don't understand. Many accidents are taking place in cities also especially with two-wheelers and the guys driving these vehicles are not learning lessons from the accidents that are taking place and will continue their way of driving.

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    Very sad accident and the two children lost their lives. First of all children with small age has to be made to sit in between the pillion rider and they should not be taken ride without secured way. Few years back there was a gruesome accident beneath the Secunderabad railway bridge which was dark and there was a open drainage and the motorcycle rider with two children met with the accident, the vehicle headlight was not working, there is no light inside the bridge, as a result the front wheel gone into the open drain nala, the two children sitting on the petrol tank fell and hit on the bridge wall and died instantly and that was gruesome because nothing happened to the rider but two children died. That made the authorities to have lights inside the bridge and two wheeler drivers must be very careful and drive with caution.
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    Yes, it is too risky to travel by two-wheelers, especially in circumstances, where the entire family including the kids have to travel by it. An overloaded two-wheeler is too dangerous to drive as the driver may lose control on the slightest of disturbance in the traffic, say a pothole, wet roads, presence of gravel on the roads, sudden crossing by pedestrians, dangerous driving by heavy vehicles and so on. People at times drive two-wheelers to save on petrol even though they might be owning a car, but then it can at times prove very costly as the likelihood of your meeting an accident in a two-wheeler is very high compared to four-wheelers. So when travelling with family, it is better to avoid using the two-wheeler. As suggested by the author, better to use your car or a paid cab.
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    Very sorry to have heard the demise of the two children after meeting with an accident on the road when father narrowly escaped but the kids lost their lives from a truck crushing them when the father lost his balance. Definitely, it is not very safe to undertake any journey along with the minor children with a scooter especially when we know the behaviour of traffic. Sometimes, the roads are in the horrible conditions having numerous holes and patches enough to lose balance. The other contributory factors for the accidents are accumulated gravel on the road, potholes, unpredictable crossing of the traffic from one side to the other apart from wet road condition. Any one factor is enough to cause an accident. After all, our kids are our souls and loosing them in such a tragic accident would remain in our hearts till we are alive.

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    In our country not only the condition of roads is challenging but people also don't have traffic sense and do not adhere to proper way of driving and do not keep the discipline on the roads. It is a common sight that people take their vehicles or two wheelers or anything like that from the left side in the speeding way that is thought to be an act of bravery in our country. Traffic violations are done in such a large number that police is not able to realise the fine from everyone. They also do their jobs till they get tired and then they simply stop doing it. When there is no discipline on the roads no one is safe. Neither a cycle fellow or auto fellow or two wheeler fellow or four wheeler person. Two wheeler people are more prone to accidents because of the obvious reasons.
    When and elderly man or a child are crossing the road no lorry, pickup, or other vehicles will slow down. On the contrary I have seen some of them speeding up to create fear in the mind of the person who is crossing the road. The fundamental discipline is missing from our lives and all sorts if bizzare accidents are taking place.

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