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    Emperor Ashoka has only a crown in India, but where is the king?

    Ashok Pillar is the national symbol of India today. The horrors of the battle of Kalinga afflict Emperor Ashoka. He later abandoned the path of war and adopted the policy of governing the empire through non-violence. He then gradually became particularly addicted to Buddhism. As a result of Ashoka's policy of non-violence, he developed a special friendship with the neighboring kingdoms and the Greeks. He does a lot of good deeds. He built roads, planted shady trees along the roadsides, and set up hospices. He was able to establish good governance in the country. Ashoka Pillar, Ashoka Chakra, or Dharma Chakra symbolizes his culture. Ashoka's Lion-faced Pillar was adopted as the national symbol of India on January 26, 1950. But surprisingly, out of this cycle, Emperor Ashoka is not worshiped or relocated in any other way in our country. I don't know the reason. You know what?
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    True. No special identity anywhere for him. Even the present-day rulers will not follow him in their deeds to see the people in the country will be happy. Asoka planted shady trees to give shade on the roads. But the present-day rulers are cutting the trees and closing the water tanks and swallowing the land for their own benefit. These days dharma is there in dharma chakra but not anywhere else. Even society is also like that. There is no place for the people who want to follow Dharma. Living will be very tough for such people who want to follow the path of Ashoka. Really very sorry state of affairs.
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    Many do not know much about Ashoka the great. Ashoka was the great follower of Buddhism and somewhere in the heart he was deeply connected and thus distributed the preaching of Buddha across his empire. Many does not know that he was also instrumental in the foreign military conquest. We know that his empire extended unto Afghanistan , Persia etc. And these countries were defeated and Ashoka got the power. Being the head of Taxila he moved with big Army and moved into Kurdistan and captured it. One thing is sure, even the television serial on him was not fully shown and thus there were conflicting reports on him and his belongings. Ashoka has shown the way of life and how to lead, but the followers were slowly forgotten it and even the books are not giving the proper account of his entire life
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