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    Will the school students be content and happy to go back to off line classes?

    All schools are bound to go back to their old method of teaching as soon as the Covid 19 issue is solved. Some students might be happy while others might not be as they would prefer to study with the laptop or computer.
    Some students get headaches as they look constantly at the computer screens during their
    class room sessions and for them it would be a relief to go back to school. However,those who are used to learning other activities on the computer would not be much happy .
    What is your opinion?
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    Just now we got the news that the Telangana government has decided to extend the ban on schools till the month end and thereafter the situation would be reviewed. Even in AP the CM Jagan is going to review the lock down or partial ban and that would be made known. The cases across the country is increasing again and only 15 plus are vaccinated and therefore parents are reluctant to send their wards to the schools. No doubt school reopening is the best option to restore the lost knowledge of the children, as the connectivity for two years has been lost. By the way many parents were not ready even for the online classes for obvious reasons as one computer and one phone has to be parted among the those present in the home in the guise of work from home and thus education has suffered a lot.
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    Yes, in general students will be happy to go back to their schools, as and when they open after the 3rd wave is over. Already some schools had opened in many of the states and children were enjoying the experience of going to school, meeting their friends, playing with them, listening to their teachers and taking part in co-curricular activities that they had missed the last two years. But then the 3rd wave came as a big dampener and almost all schools have again gone back to online teaching. Schools in Telangana have even declared long holidays on the directive of the state government. At the same time, a minority of students won't be too happy with schools opening. These two years had been a luxury to them as they got the opportunity to sleep till late, not having to travel or reach school in time, no teachers to discipline them, relatively less homework, play as much as they wanted in the computer, laptop or tab they used for the online classes. Apart fromthese small minority, most students and parents are eager to see that the schools get to open once for all. Hope that day will come soon.
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    In fact, all the students are eagerly waiting to go to school daily. In Bangalore, a school send letters to the parents of their students to know their willingness to send their wards to the school. 90% of the parents replied positive and gave their acceptance to send their children to schools. That school started but again due to present situation again the schools were closed.
    As a matter of fact, online education is not that attractive, especially to the students of primary and secondary classes. Sticking to a smartphone or laptop will give problems to the eyesight and many other health complications may also arise.
    Students will understand the world better and they will become wiser if they interact more with other students. They can participate in various activities physically and that will give them a better vision and understanding of life. So it is better to have offline classes.

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    As of now the situation of Covid turning to be grim like the second wave. At the national level, the number of new cases turned to be a new high of above 2.7 lakhs per day. A sudden increase in cases has been observed in many states. After the Sankranthi festival, many states announced the continuation of holidays till the end of this month because of fear of 3rd wave. I think it is the right decision to continue the educational system in online mode at this juncture. Because of fear of the economic situation, the Central and State governments are not ready to announce lockdown even though the cases are drastically climbing up. As children and many youngsters didn't get a vaccination, it is not good to conduct offline classes at present. If governments dare to conduct offline classes, the situation turns to be fatal with children. I think many parents don't like to send their children to schools in this hazardous situation.

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    School is a place where students get exposed to so many activities and not only the academic pursuits. There are study hours in the school but there are many things which children like better than studies like cultural programs, debates, playground activities, chit chatting with friends, enjoying the meals, and so many other activities which fascinate them in the school atmosphere.
    So definitely many students will like to leave the monotony of the online classes and prefer to go to school if they are allowed to do so.

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