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    Who is the best adminstrator at the home front the lady of the house or the man.?

    The households are run either by the wife or the husband. In some cases,the husband and wife shre their responsibilities. A typical Indian belief is that while the husband should be the bread winner of the family the wife must look after the needs of the house such as taking stock of the provisions,milk and other miscellaneous items. In addition,she should keep the house neat and clean and welcome the guests with hospitality. Teaching good human values to the children is also her responsibility. Therefore,she has to wear many hats and she does it with pride.
    The husband devotes most of his waking hours in making plans to earn enough money to provide the best for his family.
    In your opinion,who shoulders the responsibilities more ,the husband or the wife?
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    In the 1970s and 1980s, the maintenance of the house was the responsibility of the wife and earning money is the responsibility of the husband. But over a period of time, we have seen a lot of change. Ladies are also going out and doing jobs and they are sharing the responsibility of earning money for the family requirements. Some men started helping in household work also. But still, some are not taking that much interest.
    In our house, we all will try to help my wife in house works. But planning will be done by my wife only. She will plan monthly requirements and we will get them all once a month. Our children are grown up. They are also married. Their wives also support my wife in household works. So I can say we manage the issues collectively. We will never leave all responsibilities with a single person.

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    I firmly believe that the house wife is the best administrator of the home and the husband can be termed as the facilitator. The job of the husband is to earn and bring all the required items as sought by the wife and she would arrange and keep the things in order and that would have no clumsy situation in the kitchen. Once one of my relative has to leave for her relatives place leaving the husband to mend his own ways. He does not know how to cook and does not have the idea of what to do at kitchen. Such kind of living is very pitiable because knowing what is going on in kitchen is also important and that does not mean the man should interfere on every issue and matter. But helping the wife in the kitchen to some extent is always liked and welcomed by the women folk and they appreciate the wife for taking right help.
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    Nowadays depending on who is earning for the family the equations are slightly changed as compared to the earlier times when husband was the only earning member and others were depending on him for all their needs. Administration is also being shared between husband and wife in most of the households as a regular thing. Discipline is the key to all good things and when both are disciplined and responsible then there is no question of conflict or confrontation and everything goes smoothly.
    Actually when both share the responsibility then only they understand each others space and position in the household. Many husband's are sharing the kitchen work also nowadays and understanding the work load of the housewife. There are still some ambiguities in some of the households but I wish and pray for the betterment of housewives in the coming times.

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